Are you Weird?
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Are you Weird?

Just as the title, are you weird?

Question 1:Have you ever talked to yourself in public?
Question 2:Have you ever pretended to know someone you don't?
Question 3:Have you ever talked to your pet?
Question 4:Did it talk back?
Question 5:Do you like Pokemon?
Question 6:Do you stare at people driving by?
Question 7:Do you believe in coincidence?
Question 8:Do you ever hold grudges?
Question 9:Do you get along with your parents?
Question 10:Do you prefer Pepsi over Coke?
Question 11:Do you believe in love at first sight?
Question 12:Are do addicted to video games?
Question 13:Do you smoke?
Question 14:Do you have a "kick list"?
Question 15:Have you ever stolen anything?
Question 16:Have you ever picked your nose? EVER?
Question 17:Was it is public?
Question 18:Do you pretend to hate someone you love?
Question 19:Do you like gymnastics?
Question 20:Do you pick at you scabs?
Question 21:Are you a night person?
Question 22:Would you ever consider having a one night stand or did you ever have one?
Question 23:Do you date people that you met online or would you consider it?
Question 24:Have you ever given a note to someone that made no sense?
Question 25:Have you ever streaked? Like, went around naked in public?
Question 26:Sung along in an opera or considerate?
Question 27:Have you ever tasted dog food?
Question 28:Have you ever talked in the third person?
Question 29:Have you ever danced without music?
Question 30:Have you ever shaved your head?
Question 31:Do you have your body pierced anywhere other than your ears?
Question 32:Have you ever been obsessed with someone that you've never met?
Question 33:Have you ever danced in a bar?
Question 34:Have you ever gotten a tattoo?
Question 35:Do you ever yell at people on T.V?
Question 36:Have you ever faked an accent?
Question 37:Do you make up words and use them in everyday conversation?
Question 38:Do you like the idea of using oreos as earmuffs?
Question 39:Is money more important to you than the one you love?
Question 40:Is your favorite band ZZ Top?
Question 41:Are you a fan of Osama bin Laden or Saddam?
Question 42:Do you NOT want a fairy tale wedding?
Question 43:Do you ever brag?
Question 44:Are you envious?
Question 45:Do you think that the government is spying on you?
Question 46:Do you feel over protective of someone that hates you?
Question 47:Are you an introvert? Meaning, are you NOT outgoing?
Question 48:Are you a "Type A" person?
Question 49:Do you enjoy scratching yourself?
Question 50:Are you glad you're done?

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