How Odd
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How Odd

Here are some questions that will probe your brain like its never been probed before...

Question 1:   If I were to eat an apple, would that be alright with you?
No, because I want to eat the apple
Yes, because you want to eat the apple.
It depends on how the apple feels about the situation...

Question 2:   If there are three rubber duckies in a bath tub, how do you suppose they got there?
They were bought and subsequently put in the tub for decoration and/or playing purposes.
They were put there by a mental patient.
They came to life and swam there but then turned back into rubber ducks so as not to raise any suspicion.

Question 3:   Why is the sky blue?
It's not actually blue.
Because blue is the colour of royalty.
Because light gets scattered as it enters the earth's atmosphere causing only the blue part of the spectrum to refract.

Question 4:   What is the meaning of life?
The answer to that question is unknown, and has stumped philosophers for centuries.
That's easy, just go and consult the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
To live, love, and then die.

Question 5:   When you brush your teeth, do you:
a) put lots of toothpaste on the toothbrush
b) put a little bit on the brush, like up to half way and then stop so it looks cool.
c) put shampoo on the brush and then give it to your unsuspecting brother/sister, run away laughing and then forget about it.

Question 6:   Quando vai al lavoro, prendi...
la macchina

Question 7:   Do you like squirrels?
Yes, they are gorgeous.
No, and I am very sensitive about it.
Yeh, they taste great.

Question 8:   Your least favourite chore is to
clean none of the house
clean a bit of the house
clean the whole house

Question 9:   Why are whales so big?
because they need a small surface area to volume ratio, so as to keep warm in freezing conditions
Because they eat a lot of krill.
So that they can provide shade for the other sea creatures on warm summer days.

Question 10:   If someone was to hand you a knife, saying "you were wrong" how would you react?
Panic, because you've turned into Alanis Morrisette.
Panic, because you don't know how to spell the above artist's name and can't be bothered checking it out.
Laugh, because you are a knife wielding maniac!

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