Are you weird enough?
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Are you weird enough?

So you think you're weird? Really? Okay. Whatever. Lets see how you do on my TEST! Then who's weird, huh? Huh?

Question 1:You see a clown. They wave at you. You:
Wave politely
Pretend you didn't see them
Tie your shoe and hope they go away
Scream hysterically and run away
Ask them to make you a balloon animal

Question 2:Someone insults your friend. You:
Pat your friend's shoulder
Run after them cursing
Get your homeboys to rough them up
Climb the nearest tree and howl
Shrug. Imaginary friends have no feelings.

Question 3:Someone walks up to you and says hi. You:
Become their new best friend
Smile nervously
Bite them
Cackle maniacally and sneak away
Tell them it's all right

Question 4:There's an annoying dog barking somewhere. You:
Find it and befriend it
Ignore it
Go somewhere else
Scream: Come and get me!
Find the little rat and bite it until it stops

Question 5:A dog talks to you in fake Japanese. You:
Take some pills
Pinch yourself and try to wake up
Respond in like fashion and inquire after their health
Bite the dog
Run away screaming

Question 6:A telemarketer calls you. You:
Politely decline
Bite the phone cord/antenna
Ask them to hold on, and hang up
Panic and drop the phone

Question 7:The cereal box is empty. You:
Growl and look for someone to bite
Sigh impatiently
Stomp on the box and put it in the recycling bin
Go buy some more
Whine to your mother until she buys more

Question 8:The computer won't work. You:
Consult the manual and try again
Call a friend
Smash the computer
Chase cars to work off your aggression
Talk to it soothingly and coax it into working

Question 9:You see a lobster in a tank. You:
Bite the manager of the store
Campaign for lobsters rights
Sniffle and think about happy things
Break the glass and steal the lobster
Cackle hysterically

Question 10:Someone insults your clothing. You:
Hiss and dart furtively away, peering about and clawing the air
Insult their clothing
Bite them
Curse the cruelty of the world
Analyze their reaction to your apparel with Fruedian remarks

Question 11:Someone bumps into you and cusses. You:
Look hurt and sulk
Cuss at them
Laugh softly and follow them until they become terrified and begin running. Chase them down and bite them mercilessly
Trip them

Question 12:You have a fight with a friend. You:
Crouch in a corner and attack them as they walk by
Watch Jerry Springer and cheer
Bite them
Read a self help book. Become friends again

Question 13:Someone with bad taste rudely plays loud music. You:
Read a Yoga book and find spiritual enlightenment
Walk over to their house and ask them to turn it down
Curse and threaten them over the fence
Sue for emotional damage
Bite your hand

Question 14:A bug flies around your head. You:
Claw the air
Run away screaming
Bite your friend
Bite it
Mistake it for the imaginary flies you're always seeing

Question 15:You want to find out exactly how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. You:
Pay someone to lick a Tootsie Roll pop
Sue the company for emotional damage
Attempt to discover the answer by meditation. Announce that Many licks may be needed, but a wise man knows flying rocks when he sees them
Say the hell with it and bite the thing in half

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