Are you weird or just different?
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Are you weird or just different?

Are you really a freak?

Question 1:Some dork walks by and calls you a freak... who do you seek comfort from?
My cat. He says I'm different.
My Best friend.
The principle. There's gotta be some school rule against that.
I cry.
I kick the dorks ass!

Question 2:Your teacher gives you back you math test. You fail. What do you do?
Pout and turn red.
Yell at the bitch complaining that you studied alllll night!
Tell the bitch that your uncle Vinny knows people...
Tell her you don't need your uncle to kick her ass and to give you a higher grade.
Laugh hysterically chanting 'Fantastically fantastic!'

Question 3:When you see someone you know you...
Smile say 'Hi.' and keep walking.
Pretend you don't see them.
Scream, cover your eyes, and claim you're invisible.
Wait until they say i to talk to them.
Kick their ass for him gettin his boys on you.

Question 4:When someone you know sees you they are most likely going to...
laugh and point.
Try to jump you.
Run and hide. You beat the crap out of them last week.
Call you weird or a freak or some other derogatory term.
Walk the other way or ignore you.

Question 5: When you see something shiny you...
Ignore it.
Reach for your knife.
Marvel at your reflection for half an hour then call it a cat.
Pick it up, hurt yourself, and put it back down.

Question 6:Which of the following is the best saying?
You're so so so so so mean like carrots.
Midgets are cool.
What up jigga ho!
You my bitch!
Don't judge!

Question 7:You're usually breakfast consists of...
Nothing, I don't eat breakfast.
A big can of Alpo.
I wake up sometime after lunch.

Question 8:If you could listen to only one song the rest of your life it would be...
The hamster dance song.
I'm a Slave 4 U
H to the Izzo
The brady bunch theme song.
Why the hell can I only listen to one song!

Question 9:Right now you would rather be...
Setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass.
Hitting on some hot dude or dudette at some great party you crashed.
Anything else.

Question 10:You think this quiz is...
The best thing ever to grace your eyes.
Uh.... Do I have to be nice?
Good. I guess.

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