Are you a Christmas Nut?
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Are you a Christmas Nut?

Christmas time. For some of us it's the best time of the year. For other's it's a living nightmare. So how about you? Take this test to find out.

Question 1:When do you start thinking about Christmas?
October or before
Christmas Eve
Early December
Hopefully I never will have to again, but thanks to you I'm thinking about it right now

Question 2:If you received 50 dollars for Thanksgiving, how much would you use on Christmas gifts?
5 bucks
None. What do you think I am some kind of nut?
10 or 20 bucks
30 or 40 bucks
All of it

Question 3:How many Christmas trees are usually in your house?
3 or more plus the whole house is decorated
1, but we do have lots of decorations
Some years I have a tree other years I don't
2, plus other decorations

Question 4:So how do you do your Christmas cards?
I know I should send people cards, but I usually don't get around to it.
I send them each a nice card, maybe a little letter about how I'm doing
I send them an e-card
1 snail mail card for each person, plus one e-card for everyday in December up till Christmas
I've sent each of my friends 10 cards. That's what they get for playing that dirty trick: decorating my lawn with lights and tacky Santa statues

Question 5:So how many sweets do you make?
Tollhouse cookies save my day!
You gotta be kidding me.
Do store bought count?
All you can imagine, we always have tons

Question 6:Do you usually get your pet a Christmas gift?
Would you count a dog biscuit?
I might buy them a nice big bone or a ball of yarn or something
I'll throw her/him a pair of socks to play with on Christmas morning
I'm sorry. My pet doesn't celebrate Christmas
Of course! I get them a couple of things. My pet deserves some gifts, too!

Question 7:What do you think of Christmas music?
I like it
I love it!!! Let's see, there's Silent Night, What Child is this, Little Drummer Boy.......
I hate it
eh, it's okay
It's kinda annoying

Question 8:What do you think of Christmas ornaments?
I love them! I have tons of them! I can't help it, I'm obsessed!
They're okay
They drive me nuts
I like them
They're kinda annoying

Question 9:What kind of mood are you in at Christmas time?
A bit grouchy
You don't want to come within 10 feet of me I'm so crabby
I'm hyper, cheerful, happy, and all around jolly!
Just neutral.
I'm fairly happy.

Question 10:What is your overall opinion of Christmas?
It's okay
It bugs the heck out of me.
I love it so much! I'm obsessed!
It's kinda annoying
I like it a lot

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