Are you on Santa's naughty or nice list?
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Are you on Santa's naughty or nice list?

Will you be getting what you want for Christmas, or a lump of coal?

Question 1:   When someone was mean to you this year, what did you do about it?
I told them to stop, it was mean
I yelled at them
Killed them..... slowly and painfully, no one messes with me
Asked them what was wrong, then I made friends with them

Question 2:   What do you want for Christmas?
A little dolly
A pocket knife
The CD I've wanted
A sword

Question 3:   Where did you write your Christmas list?
On the back of my homework
On a piece of my best stationary
On the back of a kick-me sign
On the back of my hit-list

Question 4:   When a sibling got you in trouble, what did you do?
Yelled at them
Kindly received my punishment.... I confessed for them
Punched them
I'm an only child (muhahahaha) wonder what happened to them?

Question 5:   The best looking guy/girl in your school just asked your best friend out they said yes, but they knew you had a huge crush on them what did you do?
Offered them to double date sometime
Killed them both
Gave my friend the silent treatment
Congratulated them both

Question 6:   The ugliest person in your school just asked YOU out what did you do?
Went out with them, it was kind of cool
Said "never in a million years...eeeww"
I kill ugly people
Said sorry, but you just don't want a boy/girlfriend right now

Question 7:   You are______ happy

Question 8:   Your favorite type of music is...
Anything gorey
Heavy metal

Question 9:   What's your hobby?
Ummm... I can't say..... I'll go to jail
playing house

Question 10:   Any last words?
Math sucks
I'm hungry
I love everything!

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