Whaddya mean, Ho ho ho???
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Whaddya mean, Ho ho ho???

ahhhhh the fine line between 'I wonder if Santa will like these cookies' and 'Go Away, I'm a GRINCH!' are YOU the spirit of christmas??

Question 1:It's November 1st, are you ready for Christmas yet?
Gifts bought, cards sent, and the CUTEST red+white suit to wear on the big day!
A few things bought- but the fun stuff is kept til December
Of course not. It's only November...
I'm not celebrating this year.

Question 2:Where are you planning to spend Christmas?
Alone. Gonna make something of it?
With the One I love...
At a HUGE party with lots of other single people!.
With family and friends...like every christmas!

Question 3:Will you have a christmas tree?
oooooooh yes, a real one, with lots of lights and tinsilly stuff, and chimes that play carols!
Yep. That tatty artificial thing, but it's sentimental...
Whatever is cheapest, but we'll make our own decorations...
Bah! Humbug. Stupid glittery pine-needles. Not on MY carpet,pal.

Question 4:What's the 'giving' and 'recieving' thing about, for you?
I give lots, cuz I wanna recieve lots...
I make stuff...and if I get stuff back, great!
Gimme gimme gimme..I forgot to get you one, sorry...
Presents don't matter, silly, it's about family!

Question 5:Christmas dinner...what are we having?
Erm, I think we have something microwave-able...
You come here expecting FOOD? MY food??
Turkey and stuffing and ham and cakes, and roast potatoes and gravy and oooooh lots of other stuff!
Turkey and Ham. Like everyone does, right?

Question 6:Therre are people outside singing carols. What do you do?
Open the door and laugh at them. Idiots.
Ignore them, but remember when YOU used to do that.
Give them something to make them go away...
Sing along. offer them mince pies and ask them when their CD is being released?

Question 7:You're sitting on Santa's knee...Ho ho ho, and what would you like for christmas?
World Peace.
a car.a big one.
my loved ones all around me...
a GI Joe with the Kung-Fu Grip.

Question 8:Christmas cards addressed to someone else keep arriving at your house instead...what do you do?
tell the mail-man about it.
open them all, find no money, and throw them away...
put them on your mantlepiece and pretend you're really popular
put on your boots, hat and mittens and deliver them by hand yourself, even if that means knocking on every door for 4 blocks, asking 'Hi, are YOU Mrs.Boogle?'

Question 9:Christmas dinner music...you choose!
I think we have somthing classical in here somewhere......
Yuletide Tunes, complilation album, deluxe edition, 5 versions of 'little drummer boy' on it.
ah, just turn up the television.

Question 10:your friend is spending christmas alone.
Invite them over to spend holiday season with you
insist she has dinner at your house, then make her do the dishes
who cares?
drop hints that they're welcome at your place, and ring several times to re-hint.

Question 11:Do you believe in Santa Claus?
I used to...when I was little.
yep. and the easter bunny, and fairies...
oh don't be so stupid.

Question 12:what's at the top of yout tree??
A star or an angel- and you know the symbolism of it too...
A really elaborate decoration from the most expensive store in town
something a child made especially for you.
damned pine-needles on my carpet, stupid idiot tree tradition.

Question 13:Christmas morning. What do you do??
sleep on late...
run to rip open prezzies and scream with delight when you get what you wanted
get all excited as you watch everyone smile as they open the gifts you gave them
get up early and make morning treats for everyone else

Question 14:finish the well known line.... 'the children were nestled all snug in their beds...'
oh oh oh! I remember this from school...heads? feds??
'whilst visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads...'
nestled. who even USES that word?
donner and blitzen! on comet on dasher on richard and nixon?

Question 15:Have yourself a merry little christmas!
yes, you too. Who are you??
erm..that's not a question.
Christmas shmistmas. Go sit in a holly bush.

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