Are you obsessed with Santa Clause?
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Are you obsessed with Santa Clause?

Have you ever wondered why you get that tingeling feeling when the holidays come around, Well it's because you are obsessed with Santa Clause, Take this quiz and find out how obsessed you really are!

Question 1:When you look at jello what do you think?
yummy, can't wait to get a spoon and eat that.
look at that jello roll
God wouldn't that look great in red!!!

Question 2:When do you start scrubbing your chimney in anticipation for Santa to come?
The day after Christmas, hey you may never know when he'll come back!
Dec. 24
Feb. 13, cause what if he comes on V-Day

Question 3:Do you have homicidal dreams about Mrs. Clause and the elf's?
yes, all the time

Question 4:When do you decorate your house?
Never, leave it up all year
Before Thanksgiving
Who cares!

Question 5:How many languages do you know how to say 'Merry Christmas' in?
You name it I know it!
Maybe 5
Merry Christmas?????

Question 6:How many of Santa's names do you know?
Like Duh!!! ALL OF THEM!
Only 6
Uhhhhh, Santa Clause

Question 7:Do you know where the North Pole is?
Ummm, Ethiopia?
Somewhere up north
I have it marked on my map!

Question 8:What do you fanaticize during sex?
A fat jolly man with a long white beard
Nothing, I make him wear red and stuff pillows in his shirt
Nothing, just my husband

Question 9:What do you leave out for Santa when he comes!
Milk and cookies

Question 10:Where did you get your blow up Santa
he sent it to me!
One of his elf's
I found it

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