Are Your Friends Trying To Kill You?
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Are Your Friends Trying To Kill You?

Aaah... friendship. You love your friends. But do THEY love you? How many of your friends are plotting your death? Find out now, and be afraid. Be very afraid.

Question 1:You're in the locker room and you notice that your friend has unusual genitalia. You....
Laugh in their face.
Hide your genitals. So s/he doesn't feel bad.
Say nothing.
Take a Polaroid as fast as you can, run out and copy them, and paste them everywhere.
Point and go "Ewww... what is that?"

Question 2:Your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend comes up to you and starts flirting with you. You...
Immediately run to your friend and tell them of the bad, bad thing they did.
Flirt back, noticing your friend in the background. Yeah, that's right. I'm hotter than you.
Make out with them.
Tell the boyfriend/girlfriend to ditch that loser for you.
Keep it to yourself. Nobody should really know. Although you do feel flattered.

Question 3:When you eat with your friends, you're the one that has...
money and a lot of change afterwards
no money. "Please, give me food, mister...."
enough to pay for yourself
enough to give cash to the poor one
The suggestion to split the bill

Question 4:If you HAD to kill one of your friends to save another friend, you'd kill...
The friend you have to save. That takes care of that.
Yourself. I must rescue them all.
The one with the funny genitalia.
The first one you see. Does it really matter anyway?

Question 5:Your friend has an unusual liking for polkarap music. You...
Burn all the CDs
Burn your best friend
Nod and say, "at least you have a different taste"
Put on the gold chain and suspenders and dance for fun.
Put on the gold chain and suspenders and make fun of your polkarap liking dumbass friend for having no taste.

Question 6:Glayvenshoyl! Froynlaven!
My nerdy friend says that all the time.
Is that an "in" word?
I gotta pee.

Question 7:You are envied because of your...
I'm envied?
My looks
My humor
My wit
Everything. I'm perfect in every way, and I make sure I tell everyone.

Question 8:You see that someone is squirting ketchup on your friend's chair as they sit down. You...
Watch and laugh
Squirted the ketchup
Yell NOOOOOOOO in a slow motion voice and push your friend off the chair.
Pull the chair from under him so they don't get ketchup on their ass, but still fall down.
Wait in anticipation and yell "WATCH OUT!" at the very last millisecond where it's too late. Heehee.

Question 9:Your REAL friends are all....
critical goths
everyone I find

Question 10:You see on your friend's face most often...
a smile
an angry look
nothing, they ignore me
a laugh

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