Are You Clinically Dead?
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Are You Clinically Dead?

Have you died and just don’t know it? Or are you still very much alive? Take this quiz to find out if you really are dead.

Question 1:When you wake up in the morning you feel…
Hung-over, but don’t remember drinking
Refreshed and ready for a bright cheery day!
Wake up? I don’t even sleep
Tired? What else? Am I supposed to be happy?
Refreshed but ready for that cup of coffee

Question 2:People always comment on your appearance:
“Is that a new shirt?”
“How do you manage to look perfect everyday?”
“How did you get green eye-shadow on your cheeks?”
“Are you sick?”
“Your lips are really red today?”

Question 3:Your favorite drink would have to be…
Orange Juice

Question 4:Your choice of music would fall under the category of…
Blues, over and over again in my room
I don’t listen to music, my ears fell off
Heavy Metal

Question 5:What do you read? (if anything)
Stephan King’s “Desperation”
My eyes have fallen out (don’t ask how I’m doing this quiz)
Some drama, some fantasy, a little bit of everything
Dracula, over and over again… sometimes aloud to my cat
Uplifting true-life miracles, or fairy tales

Question 6:Do your friends worry about you?
They Should Worry! I'm Thirsty!
When I try to help those poor bums on the street at night
They worry about the strange odors coming from my body
No, why should they?
I have no friends

Question 7:Your sex life is…
Fine, why should I tell you about my sex life?
Fun! Everything is fun!
Necrophlia is always entertaining

Question 8:Your Part-time Job entails:
Working in a grocery store or McDonalds, or not at all
Helping in the soup kitchen, or telemarketing
Working in a hospital blood donor clinic
Raking the leaves in the cemetery
Sitting outside begging for coins (I like the pity)

Question 9:When you went /go to school you favorite subject was/is
Geography. All that dirt makes me restful.
Gym. It’s the easiest class to skip
History. I love to learn about the Gothic Era
Peer Helping. I love to help people and make them smile!
Spare. Spare is always good.

Question 10:Life…
Is Fun!
Is life.
Is Never-ending
Is strange.
Is a waste of time.

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