What form of government execution are you?
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What form of government execution are you?

Do you tune in, in fascination, to the latest execution? Regardless of whether you know who the guy is or not? Do you ever tape it and play it back thinking, I could've done that better? Now you can find out just how much of a heartless bastard you are!

Question 1:When looking at a simple object such as a pencil or a hair brush, what is your first response?
(Jumping up and down) Hehe pencil.
Is it yours? Cause if it is, I'm not touching it.
Oh, yes! Hair brushes crank!
Huh, that's pointy...
I ought to shove that pencil through your skull.

Question 2:What kind of programs do you watch on television?
Barney, Barney is nice... Barney cares.
COPS, but only when there's police brutality.
Uh, that TV show with the people, I dunno, I love sugar.
American Idol, public humiliation, bahaha!
The Disney Channel, oh look! Hillary Duff!

Question 3:Ok, say you saw a puppy on the side of the road, it's so cute and fuzzy and... brown, what is your first impulse?
Kick him, kick him hard!
Skin it and wear it as a hat.
Oh, oh, puppy! What? Puppy, no, don't run away, come back!
Save him from the cruel, cruel world.
Pet him and frolic with him through the forest!

Question 4:You see a website for a "Save the Children Fund," what is your reaction?
Move to Africa and hunt them like wilderbeast and then feed them back to their own kind, mwahahaha!
Oh, oh, children, I love children, and websites, and computers, oh look, sugar!
Give them a thousand dollar donation, THEY ARE THE FUTURE!
Write them hate mail. With swearing.
Move to Africa and help them plant crops.

Question 5:Do you play any sports such as football, baseball, tennis, badminton, that game with the scoopie things...
Oh, I play all kinds of stuff, baseball, basketball, tennis, or I just run and run and run...
Yes, but only when everybody wins because everyone is special (smiling stupidly).
No, sports involves competition, competition starts wars, wars are EVIL!
Only when there's a possibility somebody will bleed.
Shooting games are fun, especially combined with other, non-shooting games...

Question 6:Do you watch porn or enjoy kinky sex?
I love sex, I have sex all the time, sex is fun, especially with lots of people, lots and lots of people and sugar...
I like to hear them scream in pain, whips are fun.
I like sex, but only with my significant other, cause they're special (again with the stupid smiling).
I only do what my partner tells me to do, I am their slave.
If by kinky you mean with a chainsaw.

Question 7:Do you have a lot of friends (real or imaginary)?
If by friends you mean... victims.
The voices in my head are friendly...
Oh my God, I love my friends, friends are great, especially when they buy you things, like sugar!
Yes, everyone is my friend, I love everyone, I love YOU!
People are nice, I like people, don't you think people are nice?

Question 8:Ok, word association game, pick the answer that best fits your first response to this word: Red.
Pretty flowers, flowers in my hair (dancing about the room).
Love, for all the wonderful people, I love you people.
Chunks of seared, human flesh...
I don't like red, I like yellow, yellow is pretty and white, white like sugar...
Bulging eye sockets as the lariat tightens...

Question 9:When people see you walking casually down the street, what do they do?
If they look at me I simply wait till they pass and then beat them to a bloody pulp with my handy baseball bat.
They struggle helplessly as I wrap my arms around them and tell them of my undying love for man-kind!
If they smile I tell them my entire life story until they run in which case I pursue them.
They stare at me kind of funny, but that's ok, I really like skipping! Skipping is fun.
They smile, then they fall cause I tripped their sorry ass.

Question 10:Do you believe in the death penalty?
What? I dunno. Do you have a trampoline? Jumping is fun, with sugar!
No, it is immoral and wrong, people must live forever and eat grapes!
It should be enforced more, like for shop-lifting and scalping opera tickets and breathing...
Only if it's long and painful and administered by me.
Only if they really deserved it... like if they killed a deer. Deer are pretty.

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