Which Horror Movie Villain Would Kill You?

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This is a quiz with an unhappy ending. By taking this quiz, you understand (like I do) that you’re no match for anything with clawed hands, razor-sharp teeth, burned skin or gets up after you kill it. Or maybe you would like to go down swinging and are just curious about your best death match. Well, this quiz offers you more insight on this matter by revealing which horror movie villain is best suited to kill you. Just answer these highly scientific, deeply researched questions and discover which horror movie villain would end your days.

  • 1
    A complete stranger walks over to you while you are waiting to cross the street and stomps on your foot. After wincing in pain, you…
  • 2
    You are merrily chasing a butterfly when you suddenly find yourself standing on the edge of a sheer cliff and teetering. Carefully, you…
  • 3
    The same annoying, teen-inspired pop song is playing on every station you turn to on your stereo. You reach down to the radio and…

  • 4
    Hollywood has decided to go ahead and make a movie about you. Based on your life and using a little artistic license, they come up with this title:
  • 5
    You are picking up change on the side of the freeway for no good reason and come upon a cat that has been struck by a vehicle. It appears to be alive, but in pain, so you…
  • 6
    You are happily engaged in one of your favorite “that’s-not-good-for-you” habits when some know-it-all walks up and begins preaching about how bad that is for you. You calmly turn to this person and…

  • 7
    You’re buying your weekly groceries at the ABC store when you find a ten dollar bill lying on the ground. Without hesitating, you…
  • 8
    Gather your dignity and be honest about your bedroom. At this moment, what condition is it in?
  • 9
    You are a melting snowman (don’t ask me) and a wizard (again, keep it to yourself) has granted you one day to be free and live like a normal person. This first thing you do is…
  • 10
    Dating seems to have run into a dead end for you. What happened?

  • 11
    How does this little quiz tickle your fancy so far?
  • 12
    Every self-respecting quiz has a word association question and so here’s mine: Frankenstein is to an angry mob as Britney Spears is to…
  • 13
    Is it better to feel no pain, dance in the rain, live off gain, have no shame or know your name?

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503 days ago
i got 38 Godzilla i kinda wanted vampire cause after my blood was drained i would become one of them
744 days ago
I'll tempered mutated sea bass? Just kill me now
816 days ago
bro these questions got me laughing.
883 days ago
Werewolf! Ugh, don't remind me about it
1006 days ago
For 38% you are: ...the unfortunate victim of a VAMPIRE! You put up a good fight, are quick on you feet and in no hurry to die. That's good, but vampires put up a much better fight, are extremely quick on their feet and already dead. Your death would come late at night as you are seduced by the charm of a pale-skinned beauty, unless you resist and then simply be gored by their claws. It doesn't matter, because in the end a well-balanced person needs a well-rounded evil monster to counter and surpass all your defense mechanisms. Either way, you're getting an ass-kicking or a neck-licking. My advice: go down swinging.

unfortunate? nahhh, maybe this would be my preferred death...
1048 days ago
idk but i think im a vampire lol
1095 days ago
...the accidental victim of an ill-tempered mutated sea bass. Is that before or after I barbecue it?...
1190 days ago
I get to be killed by a vampire. Not bad - though I don't think they will kill me because I'm so pale they might mistake me as their own kind!
1263 days ago
i took the test again and now i am a villain
1269 days ago
I got horror villain to myself again..
1287 days ago
i got godzilla, i would kick the life out of kreuger or jason then theyd have to call in the big guns
1336 days ago
Okay I got 46 Godzilla um.. I can problay out run that stupid thing so haha😅😅 :)
1642 days ago
a teen school girl '-'........ i picked the most brutal and this is what i get....
1701 days ago
So I'll get bitten by a sexy vampire lady that'll instead of killing me, make me live a after life? It's bad but hot!
1710 days ago
YAS. TEAM EDWARD. (killed by a vampire.)
1759 days ago
I am a horror character move aside or die
1813 days ago
Victim of a Vampire.
I don't like Vampires, Werewolves are my type.
I know It's not about what I like because I'm gonna get killed by a blood sucking monster.
I would be a victim but I won't get killed.
First of all, I wouldn't be a threat to a Vampire. And second of all, my blood tastes disgusting so Vampires definitely won't come after me. Yeah definitely.
2079 days ago
Godzilla will squash me. :( ... Not. I will escape this terrible death! Just kidding. This quiz was fun though.