How Will You Die?

OK, obviously, death is quite the morbid topic, but there's also a lot of stupid ways to go - to the point where it is funny. This test is specifically about the ways in which one can die... So which way will YOU go? IMPORTANT: This test is not for the easily upset - just for people who are a bit morbid and don't mind these kinds of jokes.
P.S.: Please do NOT take this literally - it's for entertainment ONLY!

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    What's your favorite color?
    What's your favorite color?

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12 hours ago
Hello, do you want someone to vent to?
Do you maybe want someone to die together with?
Perhaps you just want something different, unique, special and real?
Check out the link below if you do want any of those things!
The link leads to the voice notes I made all by myself.
Retype the link without the spaces or it won't work!
You will know if you should contact me after you hear it all out.
It is also told how, where, when, etc. to contact me in case you think you should.

👉 T i n y U r l . C o m / V l a d o o 9 9 👈
kaise pta chale ki die ho ta h koe undefined
2 days ago
Hello, I am here if anyone need someone to vent to or die together with.
I a 21 year old cisgender guy and I am suicidal all my life.
I live in Serbia, South Eastern Europe but I can get to wherever you are eventually.
I just need someone to die with in real life but I might do it on my own.
Not looking for friends, dating or anything else meaningless, fake and dumb.
All I got is WhatsApp + 381 62 178 6658 so reach if me I am still alive and if not I apologize.
3 days ago
It says "For 42% you are: So how will you bite the dust ... push up daisies ... end up six feet under? You will probably die a tragic death" LOL
7 days ago
7 days ago
I’ll burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Can’t I just die easily with no pain, like at all?
9 days ago
I’m ready for the results
13 days ago
it gave me 25% for all of them-
15 days ago
What DROWN I’m an efficient swimmer thank you! But I might not be as good in my 40s as I’m now but I don’t wanna drown I’m only 9 🥺
15 days ago
@KIa I- are you okay
15 days ago
It says I might drown but 1.I only stay near le surface 2.I can't swim :(
15 days ago
It says I'll drown. But I hop that will be in a reallllly long time! After all, I'm only 10
17 days ago
My life is devil life
20 days ago
hmmmmm. it said I will be murdered. welp, I hope that my quick agility keeps me alive longer.
20 days ago
Learning point I have a wish I am death in tha learning point
23 days ago
who knew i could die of cancer or drowning
24 days ago
My life is devil life
29 days ago
💝 I'm going to die by killing myself 😳💝🖕
30 days ago
Narendra boyat I