How Will You Die? Quiz ⚰️

OK, obviously, death is quite the morbid topic, but there's also a lot of stupid ways to go - to the point where it is funny. This 'How will I die?' test is specifically about the ways in which one can die ... So, which way will YOU go?

IMPORTANT: This test is not for the easily upset - just for people who are a bit morbid and don't mind these kinds of jokes.
P.S.: Please do NOT take this literally - it's for entertainment ONLY!

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    What's your favorite color?
    What's your favorite color?

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22 days ago
45 days ago
A lot of you guys are dying in fires. Me too! I love fire, this is gonna be a good way to go out. Maybe all us fire people will die together!
168 days ago
I died by drowning because I went to a beach.Maybe I will move to a desert after all
179 days ago
I'm going to die in a fire? Lovely. Someone better play 'We Didn't Start the Fire' at my funeral.
240 days ago
@Madi I got same results
240 days ago
@Riley01,I'll die of murder so get ur knives I live at 47 jenks Avenue,I'm a boy and I'm 6
245 days ago
@Max, I got the same results😂
And @Maddie, if you want to get murdered soon...I know someone😁🔪
274 days ago
how is a fire peaceful it's not if u wanna make a quiz make it accurate like bfr.
289 days ago
@Maddie. Its just a quiz its not accrute.
300 days ago
I’m gonna get murdered …?
333 days ago
Im Gonna Die In a Poetic Sense
336 days ago
Yo yo I'm going to die in a accident 😮
407 days ago
Burning up in a fire is NOT peaceful
-Amaris 2022
418 days ago
Why is there an emoji there...
418 days ago
I don't want to burn up in a fire! 😻!
462 days ago
WOW this game has lord of paths and ways that i even play with my friends
501 days ago
When i solved the test, i got this result (result is drowning) but i think this is not real or maybe real? We can't know the future...
513 days ago
this website said ill burn in a fire I did a test like this on another website it said I will die in a fire from nuclear war :(
523 days ago
I want to die peacefully so I will drow what the heck and Also I want to die nobly and I will burn up in a fire I just do not get it it also said I will die in a car accident IDK when I DIE!!!
533 days ago
Mhm, drowning is so peaceful *sarcasm*