Death and destruction.
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Death and destruction.

Pick your poison..Answer the questions honestly and you'll get a surprise answer in the end. :)

Question 1:Would you rather die a normal death, not painful, Just boring. Or would you rather die being infested with man-eating bugs that will eat you from the inside out.
I'd rather die a normal death
I dont want to die a normal death, But I dont want to die being infested with bugs either.
Being infested with bugs and eaten from the inside out sounds pretty fun! I'll try anything once!
I dont want to die at all.

Question 2:Do you enjoy verbally beating on people?
Yes, More than you could ever imagine.
It's the one high point in my life.
No, I'm quite caring and kind-hearted for everyone.
Not unless they diss me first.

Question 3:Are you one of the people that uses short, right to the point comebacks?
No!!!!! I'm not one of those teeny bopper idiots that can't come up with anything original!
Sometimes, It all depends.

Question 4:Do you like watching movies where people get killed in strange ways?
Of course!! Who doesnt?
Nooo! Its quite gross, I like stupid movies with no point.
Yep, They kick ass.

Question 5:Do you enjoy watching bombings and such on the news more than you like doing anything else?
Yes. How'd you know?
No. I find it horrible.
Nah, Not really, only when I need something to make me mad! :(

Question 6:Are most of your dreams about death, Destruction or terrorists etc?
about 99.9% of them are.
About 1 of the ones i've had in my life was.
Never. thats horrible stuff.
every single dream has something to do with death and such.

Question 7:Do you like cherrys, Strawberries, watermelon, grapes or apples best?

Question 8:What soda do you like best out of;?
Root beer

Question 9:What Hard-rock/Grunge band was Kurt Cobain the lead singer of?

Question 10:What name is your favorite out of;?

Question 11:Are goths and freaks cool?
Depends on who they are.

Question 12:Are you one of them?
Yes!!!! HELL YEAH!!!
i switch back and forth like the moron i am

Question 13:Are you an only child?
Yep, wouldnt have it any other way.
Nope, unfortunately
yea i am! i wish i wasn't

Question 14:Do you hate family gatherings/large social gatherings?
Who doesnt?
I love em!
They suck, i hate being with lots of people, its horrible.
No, actually most of them are pretty fun!
Depends on what kind of gathering, I hate most of them though.

Question 15:What was your favorite movie?
Tomb Raider
The Forsaken.
Cruel intentions
The Crow.
None of the above.

Question 16:What kind of music do you like?
Hard rock
Pop--((you sick sick sick moron))
Heavy Metal
Goth music kicks ass

Question 17:Favorite store?
Hot topic
Pac. Sun
Skate shops!!!
Mr. Rags
None of em...

Question 18:Whos the hottest?
Rob Zombie.
Marilyn Manson
Chester from Linkin park.
Kurt Cobain from Nirvana.

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