Are You Living On The Dark Side?
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Are You Living On The Dark Side?

As you live through your life, are bored, tired or angry with the world and its ways and wish that it would smarten up. find out.

Question 1:When you see someone fall down and no one laughs, are you laughing inside?
Sometimes, depends on the person.
I can't help it.
No, that's mean.

Question 2:What are you thinking inside when someone asks you how you are today?
I don't really think about it.
'Wow, what a nice person'
'You don't really care how I am today.'

Question 3:Do you often daydream that you live in an alternate universe?
Sometimes, depends on my mood.
No, what do you think I am?
Yes, during class

Question 4:Do you walk with your head down but your eyes up, staring deep into the souls of those who pass you?
When I feel down or am in a hurry
Ya, then I run into a pole
Freaks, of course not.
I walk with my nose in the air thank you very much

Question 5:Do you often wonder if anyone would notice if you just uped and left?
Yes, I'm already gone
No, people will notice
No, everything revolves round me being here, remember?

Question 6:Does everything make you angry?
Sometimes, depends on my mood
No, I just don't care anymore

Question 7:Do you stand back and study people as they communicate with others?
No, I hate people who do that.
Yes, sometimes I don't even notice
Sometimes, but I usually just talk with my buds

Question 8:What do you think of people in long, dark cloaks walking down the street?
I just ignore them
Aren’t they warm in those?

Question 9:Do you feel guilty when you think of hurting other people when they make you angry?
Yes, that's horrible
No, but I would never do it

Question 10:Who's your favorite dark character?
Darth Mall
The Headless Horseman
Toad from X-men
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