How Evil Are you?
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How Evil Are you?

Simple, easy, and straight forward. How evil are you? The Higher your score, the more dark your heart is.

Question 1:It's the first day of the last year of High School. You drive to the parking lot, only to find out all the jocks have taken the spots. Shazbot! You...
...calmly exit the parking lot to find a space on a sidestreet.
...grumble under you breath and find a spot elsewhere.
...aren't going to go to school. You're at home. Defacing religious material.
...leave to find a spot, blasting Slayer the entire time. them down and have their stepfathers trucks towed.

Question 2:You arrive late to first period, and, as an example, the teacher immediately sends you to the principal. He/She assigns suspends you for the incident. You...
...apologize repeatedly, but accept fate. You ask to have your work sent home while you're on leave.
...storm out quietly, slamming the door.
...quickly rise to your feet and point menacingly at the person, shouting something along the lines of "You'll live to regret this!"
...loathe the fact you changed your mind about coming to school. Flip the bird. Leave shouting obscenities.
...growl lowly and chant in ancient tongues, the principles hair giving the illusion of serpents.

Question 3:Well, half the year has gone by (And pretty quick at that). The Christmas break is upon you. The time is 11:55, the date 12/24. You are...
...asleep, dreaming of... gumdrops and stuff.
...pretending to be asleep, keeping an eye open. Believing in Santa's immediate arrival.
...are just finishing up a paper on how Santa is really the devil's device.
...out with your friends, partying, not having a care in the world... except if anyone saw you spiking the punch.
...are thinking up your next move on that harsh principal. Possibly something involving a series of notes stating, "I know what you did last September."

Question 4:World...
...Wrestling Federation. (You know, that thing with guys in tights holding each other).
...cup. (Soccer is evil.)

Question 5:Your friend just called you and invited you over to meet his new girlfriend (or boyfriend... whatever). When you arrive, you get pretty jealous. What do you do?
Ask to be excused. You don't want to jeopardize your friendship.
Let your mind wonder to some intriguing situations.
Start hitting on your friends girl/boyfriend when your friend leaves the room.
Kidnap him/her. Write a series of clues to your friend that have no real purpose or meaning, and convince his/her boy/girlfriend they can do so much better.

Question 6:Caution!
Childrens Crossing
Shark Crossing
High Voltage
Risk of Explosion
Risk of Armageddon

Question 7:After a long day, you arrive home and turn on the stereo. A random CD plays. What is it?
popular stuff.
punk stuff.
rap stuff.
emo stuff.
death metal.

Question 8:You and your friends are trying to decide what to do with the weekend. You offer an idea, which they instantly disregard. They instead decide to do something you were extremely opposed to. You...
... decide that America is a democracy. Might as well go along with things.
...whine and bitch the entire night, but enjoy it eventually.
...whip out the 'ole crowbar and start making obsolete threats.
...leave the group and decide 'real' friends would always do what you want to do.
...recite a verse in latin, the smell of brimstone radiating into the air around the group, who decide you are too crazy to be hanging around them. Good, you're better off anyway.

Question 9:You Favorite food...
nothing containing meat.
something you hunted and killed yourself

Question 10:Which of these was a comedy?
American Pie.
The Green Mile.
Full Metal Jacket.
Apocalypse Now.
End of Days.

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