Are you Evil, Flowery or a Fence Sitter?
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Are you Evil, Flowery or a Fence Sitter?

This is just to see whether you should be a Flowery Minion, an Evil Muffin, or a Fence Sitter.. ;)

Question 1:Your BFF tells you her most deepest secret after you promise to never tell anyone.. Do you keep your promise?
I kept it for a while, until she made me really mad, then I told the whole school..
Nope! I'm keeping it forever!
Lets just say.. the next day the whole school knew..

Question 2:You're sitting in a movie theater, and just dropped some of your popcorn, what do you do??
Pick it up and throw it at the people in front of you. They were annoying you anyway..
Leave it there. The janitors can clean it up later.
Pick it up and place it in the nearest garbage can. Who should have to pick up someone else's garbage?

Question 3:You are late for work and your boss wants to know why.. This is your second time this week!! Do you..
make up some silly excuses why you were late, that always works!
Say sorry, it won't happen again.
Say well too bad! If you don't like it then do something about it!!.

Question 4:What do you feel like doing right now?
Planting some more plants in my beautiful garden. :-)
I want to go and make fun of my siblings!! They are sooo annoying!!
I want to Blitz someone I haven't yet!! Hmm.. who should be blitzed next??

Question 5:What is the first thing you usually do when you arrive home from work or school?
I usually get into a fight with someone. Everyone's always on my case...
I write a note to my teacher/boss explaining how I won't be able to make it in tomorrow..
I do my homework and get everything ready for another busy day tomorrow!

Question 6:When you go to parties, you're usually...
hanging out with your best friends Boyfriend/Girlfriend, who you secretly have a crush on.
Hanging out with all your friends, talking about how stupid the drunk people are acting
Wondering which geek you can pick on next.. this is too easy!

Question 7:Which of these appeal to you the most?
A beautiful garden. :-)
Taking over the whole world!!!
A nice fence. Fences are the most beautiful things on earth!

Question 8:A guy/girl says a really nasty thing to you. You...
Walk away
Go out with their boyfriend/girlfriend..
Punch them..

Question 9:What do you like to collect?
People's fences!
Flowers and pretty stuff. :-)
Whatever may help me take over the world!!!!

Question 10:Ok, last question.. do you like to sit on fences?
No!! They hurt my butt!
Sometimes.. other times I like to hang people from them. O.o
Yup! I could sit on one all day!

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