Are you going to hell?
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Are you going to hell?

Well, are you?

Question 1:Do you go to church?
Hell no!
Yes, it's my favorite part of the week
No I like to sleep in
Yes, but only because my parents make me

Question 2:Your favorite word is:

Question 3:Which would you rather do?
Smoke weed
Eat food

Question 4:What do you believe in?
I'm an Atheist

Question 5:If you found a wallet with $100 and no i.d., what would you do with it?
Take the money, leave the wallet
Take the money, turn the wallet in to the police
Leave it there- untouched
Take it to the police- with the money

Question 6:It's a Friday night and you're out with your friends. You were supposed to be home at 11:00p.m. and you look at your watch, it's midnight. What do you do?
Nothing. This would never happen because I'm always on time
Go home and tell my parents I got stuck in traffic because of "construction"
Go home and tell my parents I lost track of time and I'm sorry
Nothing. I stay out. It's my life and I do what I want

Question 7:Report card time! What does yours look like, and why?
All E's because I never went to class and when I did, I didn't do anything
Mostly B's and C's. I did my homework, but those damn tests always mess me up
All A's because I'm a hard worker and a teacher's pet
C's, D's, and E's because I didn't care to put any effort into the work, but did good on tests

Question 8:What do you care about?
My friends
My family

Question 9:How do you think you're going to die?
An overdose/ lung cancer from smoking/ alcohol poisoning
Old age
Cancer/AIDS/some untreatable disease

Question 10:Did you ever got caught having sex?
Yes, and I loved it!
Yes, but I felt very ashamed
No, I don't have sex

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