Are you... Evil????
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Are you... Evil????

This is a simple test to determine whether or not you are evil. 'Nuff said.

Question 1:You chance upon a strange dog-like creature caught in a bear-trap. Next to him lie the crimson remains of what appears to be a baby's pajamas. Do you...
Help him out and see that he's alright?
Shoot the motherfucker in his head?
Abandon him to his fate?

Question 2:The cops are coming to your house. You don't know what for, but you can't remember what you did the night before, and you had awakened in an unfamiliar place. Do you...
Negotiate peacefully?
Go out the back and then sneak around quietly to slash the tires?
Take it like a man/woman?

Question 3:Your significant other has accused you of cheating, but you suspect that this is out of guilt. Previously, you found undergarments that were neither yours nor theirs. Do you...
Get pissed, then apologize, and then make it up?
Ignore the accusations and probe into their reliability?
Talk it over, deny it, and then get revenge?

Question 4:Your best friend is starting rumors about you, and he is using something that really happened, but is blowing it out of proportion. Do you...
Start an even greater rumor than before?
Make a scene to embarrass them, then both of you will be equal?
Deny them, and then get pissed off?

Question 5:A convicted murderer is on trial. Evidence almost proves that he is guilty, but you have the most peculiar feeling that he is telling the truth. You are on the jury. Do you...
Fall to the masses?
Understand that you are no scientist, and that they are probably right anyway?
Stand by your decision?

Question 6:You and your friends hang out a lot. You are very attracted to one of them. One of the other friends is the person that they like. That person leaves without notice for a long time. They come back months later and screw up your promising relationship with the person you want. Do you...
Get pissed at that person, then end up not caring?
Let nature take its course?
Try to avoid that person, and keep the person you like and them from talking?

Question 7:You and a retarded person are walking. The most frightening thing you have ever seen appears and chases both of you. Do you...
Turn and face it?
Run like hell, the mongoloid can take care of itself?
Stay with them?

Question 8:You have liked someone for a long time. They know this, but don't know how much. Someone both of you don't really know comes into the picture. This person is obviously much more attractive than you, and your heart's desire doesn't want to do anything with you anymore. Do you...
Become insanely jealous, showing them how you really feel?
Try to budget time between everybody and keep them separated?
Understand that it probably won't last, but still feel horrible?

Question 9:You see an unwrapped candybar on the ground. Do you...
Eat it in front of a poor kid?
Give it to a poor kid?
Eat it?

Question 10:Who's more attractive?
A one-legged dog?
Ricki Lake?

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