Are you Good or Evil?
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Are you Good or Evil?

Friends calling you goody two shoes? Parents telling you you're the spawn of satan? Well prove them right or wrong by taking this test!!

Question 1:Congratulations!! You've won £100,000 on the lottery! What are you going to spend it on?
I'd donate it to charity of course!
I'd donate some to charity but spend the rest on me and my friends.
I'd spend it on me, friends and family.
I'd spend it all on myself!!
I'd buy a medieval torture chamber for all of my "friends".

Question 2:You're boyfriend/girlfriend keeps going on about you getting a job. What do you do?
I'd listen to what they had to say and act upon it.
I'd smile and listen. Then when he/she is asleep I would get my revenge!!!
That would never happen! I already have a job and am looking into buying property.
I'd listen to him/her but not do anything about it.
I'd shout at him/her for being annoying and trying to control my life.

Question 3:What was school like for you?
I learnt alot but I didn't enjoy it.
I went, but only to keep everyone from moaning.
I loved it, I learnt so much!
I loved it, I made the pupils cry!
I loved it, I made the teachers cry!

Question 4:What are your parents like with you?
They're proud and it shows.
We hardly speak, I think they've given up!
They cry occasionally (they think I'm a failure, or maybe just weird)
I'm there little princess/prince!
They talk to me, I talk to them. We're just normal!!

Question 5:What are your favourite colours?
Pink, peach, orange
Green, blue, yellow
I'm not too sure
Grey, brown, beige
Black, purple, red

Question 6:What colour would you like your eyes to be?
Cat like green
Baby blue
Deep brown

Question 7:What colour are your eyes?
Blue with a ring of brown around the pupils
They change colours or are multicoloured

Question 8:What type of music do you enjoy?
All music inc Classical, rock, pop

Question 9:Do you have any pets? Or which of these would you like?
Got a few rabbits, dogs/cats
Yeah my house is like a petting zoo with cute and cuddly friends
BIG hairy spiders

Question 10:Do you think you're evil?
Yes, I am supremely evil
I'm not sure, maybe
that'd be cool, but no I'm not

Question 11:Do you think you're good?
Well I suppose I am
I'm not like, really good!
Of course I am, I make a point of it
No I am the spawn of satan!!

Question 12:You are play fighting with your girl/boyfriend, you go to bite their arm, how far do you sink your teeth in?
Enough to hurt but not to much
I would never do that!!
I'd sink my teeth in till I felt bone baby! MWAHAHAHA!!
Just lightly
I'd resist the urge to clamp down

Question 13:You see a beggar, how much do you give him?
Enough for something to eat
I'd steal everything he had and beat him up
Nothing, most of them are fakers anyway
Everything in my pockets!
Nothing, I'd walk straight past him. If he got on my nerves though I'd destroy him

Question 14:What do you dream of?
Fluffy bunnies and pink, lots and lots of pink!
I wake up confused and sometimes a bit scared
Stuff that leaves me with a smile
me being supreme ruler of the universe MWAHAHAHA!
I don't dream

Question 15:Why are you doing this test?
To prove that I am a goody two shoes
To prove that I am supremely evil!
Seemed interesting
I'm not sure, something in the back of my mind told me too
To see what I am, DUH

Question 16:What words best describe you're personality?
Switchy, reserved, quiet but loud
Good, nice, kind
Evil, psycho, voices
Kind, clever, good
playful, social, chilled

Question 17:Finish this sentence. Mommy wasn't feeling very well so I ....
Nursed her back to health
asked her if she was ok and she curled up into a ball and recited the lords prayer
Brought her a cup of tea and some cold syrup
decided she'll live and went out.
asked her if she was ok and she said, yes I'm fine thank you

Question 18:There was a murder last night, you know who did it. What do you do?
Nothing, it's nothing to do with me
Go to the police and give the names, addresses and phone numbers.
Nothing because it was me!!!
Remember it
Go to the police and give the names.

Question 19:Whats your favourite alcoholic beverage?
I like alcopops, cider and lager
Alcohol! No way!
Not to bothered what it is
I drink a bit of wine at christmas, but I don't really like it

Question 20:You find out that your girlfriend/boyfriend has been cheating. What do you do?
Cry my heart out but finish it
I'd get revenge by causing her/him physical pain
Cry my heart out, but have them back
I'd finish it and confront her/him
I'd get revenge by hurting the other person and causing my ex mental pain

Question 21:Love is ...
fun and it feels great
the meaning of life
mostly in disguise
for the weak minded

Question 22:Hate is ...
something I could never feel
the dark side of the heart
the meaning of life
a strong word
on the threshold of love

Question 23:It's judgment Day. You are stood in front of God and he asks you why should you be allowed into heaven. What do you say?
I've obeyed you all my life now let me in!
Well, why should you?
I've never done anything wrong, or anything to hurt anyone
I shouldn't! Come on send me to hell! Straight to hell! hahaha!
My life was worthwhile

Question 24:The worlds going to end, what do you do?
Cry, but stay with loved ones
Stay with my loved ones
Taunt the skies by saying SO YOU THINK YOU'RE HARD ENOUGH DO YA!!!
anything and everything you have ever wanted to do
Cry but stay with loved ones while on the phone to friends

Question 25:How long can you stare for?
Silly, I wouldn't stare at someone!
As long as it takes
Stare? why?
A few minutes, then it just gets boring

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