Why will you go to hell?
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Why will you go to hell?

Umm... so why will you? Find out right here!

Question 1:How do you spend your weekends?
Killing people.
Chatting on internet with your fellow freaks.
Just chilling.
Watching Harry Potter.
Volunteering at the local homeless shelter.

Question 2:What's your favourite animal?
A hybrid dog kind of creature that kills little children.
A poisonous snake to kill my brothers and sisters
Just a cat or a dog.
I love my goat named "Bob"
I hate animals.

Question 3:Ok, what music do you like to listen to?
Heavy metal all the way!
Hard rock, thank you.
I'm a wimp, so I'll stick to POP.
Myself singing in the shower of course!

Question 4:Which of the following individuals do you admire the most?
Mother Teresa.
Your mother.
Harry Potter.
Wouldn't you like to know?
That's the dumbest question I've ever heard!

Question 5:You see a little girl/boy (whatever) crying. What do you do?
Run straight to him/her and help in all possible ways you can.
Sit next to him/her and start to cry.
Stand and pick my nose. ooohh... a big one!
Just walk by. What? It's not my problem anyway.
Give him/her a dirty look, laugh and get on your way.

Question 6:So let us say that you helped the little girl/boy. Do you feel better?
Oh yeah! Much better!
Does crying count?
Pick nose some more. What are you talking about?
Me, help? You wish.

Question 7:Ok, big one. You just won a million dollars! What do you do with it?
None of your business!
I'd create a supernatural army of living dead and enslave all humanity! Mwahaha!!
Ummm..... food!!!
End world hunger.

Question 8:Pose for me babe!
You dare to mock me?!
You're looking at me?
I'll smash your head for this!
Ohh.. *style*

Question 9:Answer honestly! Who loves you?
I'm a weirdo and everyone hates me.
My mom and dad! Beat that!
I dunno and don't care.
Everyone loves me!

Question 10:Your favourite thing to do is?
Sell drugs.
Take drugs.
Smoke crap.
Hang out with friends.

Question 11:Would you dare to...?
Pick my nose... mmm... yummy.
Pick your friends nose.
Smoke crap.
Go outside.
Road trip!

Question 12:What would you do if I'd say that I love you?
I'll kill you for that kind of question!
Gosh.. I don't even know you *blush*
I love you too! *hugs*
You're crazy, get some help.

Question 13:Which crime are you most likely to commit?
Suicide. Ha!

Question 14:When I say "Diablo" what is the first word you think of?
Me! Mwahaha!!
I love muffins.
Some fat dude who likes muffins.
Err... evil?

Question 15:Ok, last one. Your favourite movie.
Resident evil!
Final fantasy.

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