What kind of evil are you?
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What kind of evil are you?

You know you're evil. Now that you've admitted it, find out what kind of evil you are.

Question 1:   Choose a torture.
Poking victim with sticks constantly - for twelve days
Throw victim into boiling pit of tar
Strap victim to wall and commence dagger-throwing practice while laughing evilly

Question 2:   Your best friend runs off with your significant other. You...
Eat them for breakfast
Plot revenge in your secret lair
Shrug it off. You never liked them much anyway

Question 3:   Disney
*stab* Die! Die! *evil laugh*
Is this a question?
*mutters incoherently*

Question 4:   Leeches are...
My minions
Good threats

Question 5:   Fill in the blanks. "To _____ or not to ____, that is the question."

Question 6:   Torture is...
Something I've considered but never done
Something I enjoy doing
Something I get my henchmen to do

Question 7:   Abba's "Dancing Queen" comes on the radio. You...
Smash the radio. Bloody song
Burn the radio, bomb the station, and send out special forces to kill Abba
Dance. You are the dancing queen!

Question 8:   World Domination is...
Old news
A pleasant dream
In progress

Question 9:   Where there's smoke, there's...
Fire. And slaughter. *evil laugh*
Rebels to be crushed
A barbecue

Question 10:   Rate your level of cruelty.
1- I don't go out of my way to be cruel.
2- Cruelty is on my list of New Year's resolutions.
3- Cruelty is a way of life. One of my best vices, I might add.

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