How Evil Are You?
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How Evil Are You?

Are you the Devil's advocate or as sweet as pie? Find out here!

Question 1:   You flatmate is going out with the most gorgeous being on the planet. One evening, he/she drops by to see your flatmate but he/she is not in, meaning you are alone with the hottie. This could be your chance. You...
Go all out to make him/her yours. You can't help it if they prefer you.
Flirt a little but keep your distance- if something happens, it happens.
Do nothing whatsoever- in fact, you tell him/her to come back later. How could you do that to a friend?

Question 2:   You tell lies...
Constantly. You're an expert at it. How else will everyone be on your side?
Never. Honesty is the best policy.
When you have to- a few white lies don't do any harm.

Question 3:   There's somebody at work/school who you dislike. One day, you're alone in the classroom/office when you spot their diary sitting on their desk. You...
Read it, laughing out loud, then read it out to everyone else as well, adding in comments of your own.
Leave it where it is. You always respect other people's privacy, even if it is someone You don't like.
Can't resist taking a peep inside. You read the whole thing, then put it back where you got it.

Question 4:   Your best qualities would be...
Your good sense of humour, intelligence, and commitment
Your honesty, sincerity, and good-naturedness.
Your cunning and ability to charm/talk your way out of any situation

Question 5:   The person you'd least like to have as a friend would be...

Question 6:   When would you consider taking money out of your Dad's wallet?
When I've got a hot date, when I want some new clothes, to pay off my gambling debts...any time
Only if I was really, really, really desperate. I wouldn't take much, anyway
Never. That's called stealing!

Question 7:   Which famous person are you most like in personality?
Jennifer Aniston
Mother Theresa

Question 8:   Your worst nightmare is...
Being caught out telling a nasty lie
Your new boyfriend/girlfriend being poorer than you
One of your friends turning against you

Question 9:   Your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend is...
Funny, cute, and adventurous
Kind, honest, and loving

Question 10:   You're booked into a dream holiday in Italy in three days time with your new bf/gf.Your best friend calls you, totally devastated because they've just broken up with their long term bf/gf. You've never seen him/her this depressed. You...
Hand him/her a tissue and start shopping for a new bikini/pair of shades.
Agree to stay at home and help him/her through this. You can go on holiday next year.
Invite your friend to come along with you and your bf/gf, and try and set him/her up with a sexy local

Question 11:   You're booked in for an interview to try for a new job you've wanted for ages. When you arrive, there's only one other candidate, and after you talk to him/her, it's obvious that he/she is far better qualified for the job than you. You...
Attempt to bribe or seduce the managing director so they'll give you the job
Take a trip to the vending machine, and 'accidentally' spill some coke down their white shirt/blouse. Heh heh. It probably won't change anything, but it certainly makes you feel better.
Think that fair is fair- the better candidate will win. Anyway, he/she's a really nice person.

Question 12:   What is Christmas all about to you?
Love and family.
Parties and expensive presents.
Fun and friends.

Question 13:   If someone you disliked at work slapped you round the face at an argument, you would...
Slap him/her straight back
Do nothing, you probably deserved it for letting yourself be involved in a brawl
Yes, slap them straight back, deliberately steal away their bf/gf, and sabotage their computer so all their work is lost

Question 14:   On average, the best compliment you could get would be...
"You're so cunning!"
"You're such a decent person!"
"You're so funny!"

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