How Evil Are You?
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How Evil Are You?

Think you are a little angel or a wicked devil? Time to find out...

Question 1:   Your friends are staying at your house and want to go shopping, but you have to go to class, do you:
Tell them where the best places to go are, and wish them a great day
Lock them in your house and head of to class, happy in the knowledge that they are going nowhere, baby, yeah!
Skip class, after all SOMEBODY has to help them shop.
throw a hissy fit, demanding that they don’t go without you

Question 2:   It is winter and you decide to go skiing with some friends, only problem is they can’t ski. Do you:
take them to the top of the mountain, if they die - well, they should have learnt to ski so its their own fault
take them to the nursery slopes and give them some pointers, there's nothing like helping friends!
leave them to practice - that way you are free to ski, without having any interruptions from those less talented than yourself
take them half way up the mountain, ensuring plenty of time to get down before nightfall, but endangering their lives all the same

Question 3:   Which LOTR character would you say you were most like?
Sauron: evil is my middle name
Gollum: sneaky, cheeky, but had a hard life
Frodo: pretty harmless, naive, willing to risk death to save the world
Gimli: cheeky but in a good way

Question 4:   What film do you think you'd find more enjoyable?
American Pyscho- freakish but funny
Indiana Jones- adventure
Chainsaw Masacre- spine-chilling, and gory
Sweet Home Alabama- soppy chick flick

Question 5:   What would you do if you were on a night out and your friend wanted to go home early:
Hide the keys and insist the party goes on
Make sure they get a taxi and get them to call you when their home
Leave the party early with them, their wish is your command after all.
Show them the door and carry on partying

Question 6:   You're given a lucky fish as a present. What do you do with it?
instantly move him to the mansion of all fish tanks, catering for his every wish
watch it swim about for a few seconds, get bored of it, try to get rid of it, then forget to feed it
Stick pins in it and flush it down the toilet, who believes in luck!
keep it clean, but treat it mean - it is just a fish after all

Question 7:   A guy that you know wants to come visit you in your home country, but you know this person is kinda crazy. What do you do?
Invite the person with open arms, great hospitality is your specialty, and you are a little on the crazy side too.
Let them come, but make sure they have a miserable time and never want to come back again.
Instantly arrange for all nearby embassies to be shut down, so he has no chance.
ensure you leave the country prior to their arrival, they cant bug you if they cant find you

Question 8:   Where is the kinda place you are likely to live?
In a luxury pad in the city, with all the usual mod-cons
in the jungle, the mighty jungle....
somewhere in the middle of Transylvania, the more secluded and glum the better
in a cute little cottage in the country, where bunnies hop gaily past all the time

Question 9:   What's your favourite drink?
anything intoxicating

Question 10:   Which of the following do you associate most with?
black widow; MOOHAHAHA
sloth; just plain lazy
deer; doe-eyed innocent
Lion; King of the jungle

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