What Breakfast Food Are You Most Like?
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What Breakfast Food Are You Most Like?

Haven’t you always wanted to know whether you were more like French toast or a waffle? Well now’s your chance! Find out all about your true inner breakfast food! Happy Quizzing!

Question 1:You wake up in the morning. The alarm clock is beeping and you don’t want to get up. You:
Decide that you might as well get up, waffles are for breakfast!
C) Whack the alarm clock with the handy sledge hammer you always keep on your nightstand
Roll over and go back to sleep with the alarm clock still beeping.
Sigh and get up anyway.

Question 2:Now you’re at school. You’re listening to a lecture on cell mitosis, whoop-dee-doo. You:
Draw all over your arm in gel pen until your teacher notices and makes you go clean it off.
B) Flick tiny paper balls at your teacher, hoping that one will hit her in the eye and she’ll have to go to the hospital.
Practice the art of sleeping with your eyes open, which you do very convincingly.
Stare off into space.

Question 3:Lunch time. You have to decide what to eat. So you:
Hop in line and hope that you don’t get a plate of radio-active mushrooms again.
Tactically steal the good parts of your friend’s lunches when they’re not looking.
Eat a bagged lunch that you wouldn’t eat if you weren’t so darn hungry.
Get some junk from the snack bar and smile serenely as you eat the snacks.

Question 4:Someone has recently informed you that aliens have attacked the earth. You:
Be bummed because your favorite cartoon has been canceled due to who cares what.
Go to the scene of the sighting and see if you can offer a hand to anyone.
Go to the scene of the sighting and see if you can offer a hand in abducting anyone.
Run around in panic and then decide to go hide in the safest place, under your bed.

Question 5:Saturday and you’re at the football game. Your school’s team is getting clobbered. You:
Buy a hot dog to fund the school’s football team. Maybe with all this money you’re spending on food they’ll be able to higher a better coach.
You throw stones at your team to see if they’ll notice. Unfortunately, the referee notices and makes you go home. Oh well, it was due time you tortured your younger brother anyway.
Football game? What’s football?
You watch dejectedly and do your best to boost you’re team’s moral after the game.

Question 6:While you’re doing homework on the computer it suddenly freezes. You:
Pick up the computer and throw it across the room. That’ll teach it to freeze on you!
Ctrl + Alt + Del and restart the computer, what else?
D) Do you honestly think I do my homework?
You call your mom and ask her to fix it.

Question 7:The semi is coming up. You know you have to get dressed up. You:
Run through the clothes store and scream at the top of your lungs. Then set the place on fire, they didn’t have the dress you wanted.
Wait until the last minute and get some random purple flowery dress.
Are a boy, don’t care, or both.
Go shopping a week before the semi. You get a good value and the dress actually makes you feel important!

Question 8:You are taking your music lesson. Your teacher is, as usual, insanely boring. You:
Try to look interested and play random notes softly on the piano to pass the time.
Take the violin lying on the chair next to you and whack your teacher over the head with it. You’re convinced that might help him figure out how to be interesting.
Draw on the paper that has been lying on the floor of the room since 1828. You look on the back and see some writing that you vaguely remember reading in your history book. Who cares if it’s not a copy?
See how long you can pay attention without practicing your sleeping art.

Question 9:You’re reading a book. It’s titled:
World Domination 101
When I Win the Lottery
A Good Novel
All Your Questions Answered: How To Not Care

Question 10:You’re almost finished with this test. You:
Smile contentedly with the knowledge of knowing what you accomplished.
Take a bite of your pizza and not care when the sauce drips into the keys, frying your computer.
Pound the keys in hope the computer will load your results faster. When it doesn’t you shout every curse known to man and even some that hadn’t been invented.

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