What food are you?
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What food are you?

Ever wonder what food you are? Well now you can find out!

Question 1:What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning on a weekend?
You wake up early, get out of bed a few hours later, and take a shower a few hours after that.
You wake up pissed off at the world, take a cold shower, and drink too much coffee.
You roll over the wrong way and fall out of bed. Oops. You find that hysterically for the next 20 minutes.
You wake up to your alarm and begin your morning routine. Like every other day.

Question 2:You are approached by a younger sibling for help. What do you say?
"Um. Okay, let me go get what I need..." then you run upstairs, hide, and laugh deviously.
"I'm too tired, go away, let Dad help you..." and you go back to sleep
"Okay, let's get right to work." and you take over

Question 3:What's your favorite hobby?
Sleeping. *ahhh*
Insulting the world. Just for the hell of it.
Cracking binary codes.
Running around in circles and shouting 'kneehor.'

Question 4:Would you ever streak through a mall?
No, I'd say I would, but then tell the rent-a-cops about it before hand.
Wheeeee! Of course... and maybe with a puppy.............
No. Too much work.
No, I wouldn't get into Yale. *shudders*

Question 5:What's your favorite Barney movie out of the following?
Barney Gets Shot in a Drive-by.
Barney Teaches Us to Nap
I don't watch movies, it interferes with studying.
Barney Takes Speed

Question 6:If you were a food, which one of these would be your best friend?
Ms. Lolipop
Mr. Banana
Screw off, you know I don't have any friends!
Mr. Tofu

Question 7:A friend pretends to kill your cat, Mr. Scruffles, what do you do?
Nooooo! Not Mr. Scruffles!!! *sobs*
Damn cat.
Perhaps with my advanced knowledge in science I can clone Mr. Scruffles.
Good, it was too tiring to feed Mr. Sruffles.

Question 8:If you were stranded on a desert island, which of these would you take?
A gun. To kill myself. And everyone else.
Solar-powered computer.
Lots of sugar!!!

Question 9:Which of the following objects do you find the most arousing?
A halogen lightbulb. Rrrrr.
Brand-new TI-1000 calculator. Oh yeah.
Pillow. Rar.
"Here kitty, kitty, kitty............"

Question 10:Do you like being naked?
Yes, it makes sleeping easier.
Bite me. Right here.
Yay! It's fun. I enjoy the wind ;)

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