Are You A Pickle?
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Are You A Pickle?

Are you a pickle? If you are, please report to the National Pickle Institute immediately.

Question 1:   Is your favorite color green?
No, green is ugly.
Yes, but only because I'm Irish...
No, I'm color blind, I see black and white. (the color of cows)

Question 2:   Do people say you are sour?
OMG! I get that all the time, how did you know?
Only when I'm in a bad mood.
The cows say I am.
No. I think I'm pretty nice actually...

Question 3:   Do you wish you lived in a glass jar?
No. That's stupid.
No. A plastic jar maybe, but not glass.
OF COURSE! Who wouldn't want to live in a glass jar?
Yes, If I could take the cows with me.

Question 4:   Has anyone ever told you you would look good on a sandwich?
You're an idiot. The cows make more sense than you.
Well, there was that one guy...but I think he was crazy.
No, why would somebody say that?
Yes! I get that ALL the time, why do they do that?

Question 5:   When you're at the store do you think the pickles are talking to you?
No, but the beef does.
Sometimes it sounds like something squeaked at me...

Question 6:   Do you talk back?
To the beef, yes.
Yes, it's unpolite not to respond when someone speaks to you.
I think about it, but decide not to.

Question 7:   Do you eat pickles?
Occasionally, when the mood strikes me.
I'm allergic to pickles.
Noooooooooo! It would be like eating my family!
Sure, I really like it if the pickles are shaped like a cow.

Question 8:   Do you prefer dill or sweet?
What is that supposed to mean?
I love all pickles! Pickles Pickles Pickles...
I prefer cows.
Well, both are good, but I'd have to go with dill.

Question 9:   What do you think of when I say "vinegar"?
Go away before I poison you...
Cows don't eat vinegar...duh.
I don't really like vinegar.
Pickle time!

Question 10:   And finally...Why are you taking this quiz?
I seriously think I might be a pickle.
I thought the title said "Are You A Cow"
It looked interesting...
I plead temporary insanity.

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