Are You Obsessed With Bagels?
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Are You Obsessed With Bagels?

Does your world revolve around your daily bagel? Mine too!

Question 1:   When you first wake up in the morning, you go into the kitchen to discover that your little bro/sis is getting ready to eat the last bagel, you:
Do nothing, you have waffles waiting in the fridge anyway.
Charge at him/her declaring war and screaming a battle cry.
Go off to your lair and dig into your private stash. You always have to be prepared for these things, you know?

Question 2:   What do you carry for lunch?
A bagel, what else?
Depends on what I'm in the mood for.
Nothing, I'm on a diet.

Question 3:   Approximately, how many times do you eat a bagel?
I lost count after a while.
None, I said I'm on a diet.
2 or 3 if I'm in the bagel mood.
I don't know, maybe one.

Question 4:   How do feel about bagels.
Ok, I guess.
Pretty good. Nothing Fantastic.
Shut up. I'm stuck drinking Slimfast.

Question 5:   Oranges.
They go great with bagels!
Oranges...they are round like bagels...interesting.
What does this have to do with bagels?
Ah! Something I CAN eat!

Question 6:   Do you have a personal shrine dedicated to every different kind of bagel?
How did you know?
Maybe,... what do you care?

Question 7:   Do you ever name your bagel?
Yes. Me and Bob are just fine thank you.
When I was a little kid yeah, but I was stupid.
No...I eat them.
I am on a diet, I don't go anywhere near the sinful high-calorie demon.

Question 8:   What do you dream about?
I really don't think that is any of your business!
Oranges and bagels living happily together in the land of Nod.
Me living out my wildest fantasy with the guy of my dreams.
Being chased by my underwear. I can't sleep at night anymore.
I have nightmares about being forced to eat the highest calorie foods!

Question 9:   Do you wish you were a bagel?
No...I am not a psycho.
Maybe...just leave me alone. *sob, sob*
No...I've talked to them and their life is not all sunshine.
Yes. Then I would be able to fellowship with the brethren!
No! Why would I want to be a fattening bagel anyway?

Question 10:   When I say the word "bagel", what do you think?
Why are you asking me this?
Say it again, please! * wistful sigh *
My beloved bagel. I love them and they love me.
Calories! Deadly Calories!

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