Are You A SPAZ?
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Are You A SPAZ?

This quiz is for anyone who can be a little klutzy or spazzy. We all have our moments, right? But there IS a difference between having our moments and being a downright klutz! Trust me, I know!

Question 1:You're in a bathroom, walking up to the faucet (it's a manual). You:
You turn the 'HOT' handle, though you meant to use the cold water
You turn the 'COLD' faucet, and you meant to.
You run your hands underneath the faucet, cursing all things automatic because they never work for you.

Question 2:You're walking down a flight of stairs in the company of close friends and a cute girl/guy you've have your eye on for awhile, someone you haven't known well, but would like to. You:
Manage to keep conversation with all your friends while occasionally flirting with the apple of your eye, without missing a step.
Lose your footing but instantly catch yourself on the railing.
Miss your footing, fall down, and say, 'I admit it, I'm a (you start to say spaz) s...(then you say klutz) lut...(which comes out WRONG).'

Question 3:You see the object of your affection and race up to them to chat for a moment or to. You:
Trip on your shoelace on the way over, scraping your knees.
You go there, and you both begin to walk and talk, that is, until you walk into a pole you JUST DIDN'T SEE!
get them to ask you out.

Question 4:You are online, when your best friend i/ms you crying about how she just got dumped. You:
tell her she was worthless and the boyfriend was totally too much for her to handle.
Comfort her saying that he isn't worth her tears.
Accidentally start up a chatroom between the three of you, where the ex confesses he broke up with her because he was cheating on her.

Question 5:When driving a car, you:
don't drive. Your license was revoked after you crashed your car for the 100th time.
Swerve when not in the sight of a cop.
drive normally.

Question 6:When watching a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you:
snuggle up to them comfortably.
trip heading down the stairs.
trip heading up the stairs, drop the popcorn, hit your head against the railing and roll unconsciously to the bottom.

Question 7:When you see your crush, you:
run and hide, fearing you will do something utterly stupid.
calmly say hi and walk away.
drop all the things in your hands and faint.

Question 8:You are angry with a friend, you:
attempt to hit them and hit yourself instead.
attempt to hit them and fall off balance.
hit them.

Question 9:As you walk down a street, you see your favorite movie star filming. You:
run and scream for them to give you an autograph.
jump the cameraman and also plead with the director to let you in as an exra.
watch from the sidelines silently.

Question 10:During this test, you accidentally clicked the wrong answer:
0-2 times
3-6 times
7-10 times

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