What type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
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What type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Question 1:   Of the following numbers, which one do you like more?
Anything that will make it symmetrical or else I will be spazzing about it forever.
Any even number. If it is not, I will make it even!
What does this have to do with anything?

Question 2:   There are lines in the side walk you...
I must step over the same amount of lines with each foot or else I will have nervous breakdown
Yes there are, there are some on yours too right?
There are 387 lines on my street

Question 3:   There is dirt on your table. You . . .
Why is it not even? They're not centered! They're a half-inch off!
Wipe it off then forget about it.

Question 4:   Someone accidentally hits you one your right side. You...
Either yell asshole, or ignore it
Spend the next hour thinking about how your entire balance is now messed up.
Run after them screaming to come back and run into you on the other side. This causes a lot of weird looks.

Question 5:   Which are you most likely to do?
Standing in a doorway, brushing your fingers against it repeatedly in order to ensure that they hit it in the exact same place with the exact same pressure.
Stay up late at night watching TV.
Stare at a vase in a museum for hours because it's slightly off-center in its case.

Question 6:   Your room is all clean except for one piece of paper which is lying in the center of the room. You are almost asleep when you notice this. You...
lie awake all night thinking about how that piece of paper is there.
figure you'll pick it up the next morning, and promptly forget about it the next day.
jump out of bed, put on a pair of rubber gloves, pick up the paper and proceed in sterilizing the area

Question 7:   You are reading. You are told to stop reading right away. You . . .
ignore the person, finishing the number of pages you have to read while ignoring the person's fury.
Stop reading but freak out that you didn't finish the paragraph.
Make a mental note of where you are and put the book down.

Question 8:   Someone is singing a song, not your favorite but one you know. A car pulls up, they stop singing and get in the car. You...
Jump in a cab and follow the car, sticking your head out of the window and screaming to finish the song.
Wonder how the song ends, but forget about it after a minute.
Don't do anything but wonder, obsessively if the last part of the song was the most important part. It bothers you for the rest of the day.

Question 9:   You are sitting in your friend's room. She is a slob and her stuff is shoved randomly around her shelves. You . . .
Jump up and start organizing it
Sit there staring at it, concentrating so hard that you don't hear what your friend is saying as you mentally scream about the hideous mess
Ignore it but feel smug that your room is neat

Question 10:   When asked about any of the bizarre behaviors listed above you...
say that things just keep going around in your head and you can't stop them
explain that if you don't do them you feel very uncomfortable
I don't do any of these things. You are all freaks!

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