The Test Only Nerds Can Fail
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The Test Only Nerds Can Fail

Question 1:What does the word "Juke" mean?
To listen to music.
I don't know.
To dance.

Question 2:What is the latest song from 50 cent that is out on the radio?
In Da Club.
1 Dollar.
I don't know.

Question 3:What is 106th and Park?
A street.
I don't know
A music video countdown.

Question 4:What is Roca Wear
I will look it up in the dictionary.
A type of clothing.
I don't know.

Question 5:Who is Ludacris?
I think you mean what is ludacris, and it means crazy.
I don't know.
A male rapper.

Question 6:What is a "Dip?"
To lower in something and enter, most of the time, a cup.
I don't know.
While you have a boyfriend, you have a extra one that your real boyfriend doesn't know about.

Question 7:What are Air Force Ones?
A type of shoe.
Dealing with an airplane.
I don't know.

Question 8:What question is this.
Nine, or is it ten.
I don't know.

Question 9:What does "Bootleg" mean?
A boot with a leg in it.
I don't know.
A fake copy of something.

Question 10:What are Timberlands?
Referring to trees or the woods.
A type of clothing and shoe.
I don't know and don't care.

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