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Will You Fall For The Trick Questions?

Will the questions in this test trick you, or will you spot the tricks and get the right answers? I bet you're clever enough to get them all - but it's OK if you miss some. We all have our off days.:) Try this test out now and see how clever I (the test creator) really am! (Or am not, ha ha:-)

  • 1
    If you pass the second-place runner in a race, what place will you be in?
    If you pass the second-place runner in a race, what place will you be in?
  • 2
    Mary's father had five children: Mimi, Mumu, Mama, Meme...and what was the fifth child's name?
  • 3
    How could the 22nd and 24th U.S. Presidents have the same parents, but not be brothers?

  • 4
    What is as light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it for more than a few minutes?
  • 5
    On my way to the fair, I met seven jugglers and a bear. Every juggler had six cats, every cat had five rats, every rat had four houses, every house had three mice, every mouse had two lice, and every louse had a spouse. How many in all are going to the fair?
  • 6
    Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?

  • 7
    A man left home running. He ran for a bit, then turned left, ran the same distance, then turned left again. Then he ran the same distance and turned left once again. When he got home, there were two masked men. Who were they?
  • 8
    There was an airplane crash. Every single person died, but two people survived. How is this possible?
  • 9
    The Mississippi River is the dividing line between Tennessee and Arkansas. If an airplane crashed exactly in the middle of the Mississippi River there, where would the survivors be buried?
  • 10
    How far can you walk into the woods?

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47 days ago
The test was a little easy because they were already choices, and I if anybody found one answer smarter then the others, then I guess they will pick it
79 days ago
Very good website I loved the first test I did. Regards:Yeeter man
126 days ago
8/10 not bad hmmm🤔
126 days ago
l got 8njfdzFk ha ha

156 days ago
why did the cow cross the road
354 days ago
Idk... 😵 - I dont want to write this but.. Error: My message is too short. It must be greather than 19 charakter(s) in lenght. Uh. Interesting...
354 days ago
And now? What is that heart doping there???
354 days ago
🐤? Cant change color??? Im... guess what
354 days ago
Could say 10/10, but... nobody likes listening bout that ((efushia))
354 days ago
It would be more fun without 3 answers you can choose from. You find correct answer even if you dont know it😕
366 days ago
Enjoyed after taking this quiz
366 days ago
The quiz was Awesome
366 days ago
Hey guys i got 9/10
398 days ago
8/10, pretty good, tho how is it the catcher in the empire? That makes no sense
418 days ago
Hi I’m bob the builder this quiz is fun
435 days ago
it would be halfway because then you start walking out of the forest
474 days ago
Why would it be "halfway"?
491 days ago
Didnt understand the last one why is it halfway?
497 days ago
I got 7/10 (70%)! Not bad for the first time. Awesome website! I think this is a great way to prank friends and family. On a scale on 1-5 how would I rate this test? 5/5! It’s amazing! You could definitely get your brain to push a lot in this test (in a good way).
497 days ago
I😻because I got 5/10 and that's 50% which is a fail.