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Are You Up For Some Trick Questions?

Are you feeling clever? OK, great! Try to answer these questions I made up to trick you.:-) Some are hard, some are laughably easy. Bet you can't get 'em all right! Show me I'm wrong...try this now! Share with friends and compare your results!

  • 1
    There are five birds sitting on an electrical wire. Two were shot and killed by a hunter. How many are left?
  • 2
    A big turtle is walking with a little turtle. The little turtle is the big turtle's son, but the big turtle isn't the dad. Who is the big turtle?
  • 3
    What's 1+2+3+4+5+6+.....+98+99+100?

  • 4
    A man is condemned to death. He has to choose a room.
    Room #1: A fiery inferno
    Room #2: Thirty assassins with loaded guns.
    Room #3: A room full of hungry lions that haven't eaten in three months.
    Which room is the safest?
  • 5
    Jim's peacock laid an egg on Bobby's lawn. Whose egg is it?
  • 6
    What's 1+1?

  • 7
    A magician said he would give $100,000 to anyone who could survive underwater for 10 minutes. A young boy volunteered and won. How is that possible?
  • 8
    How much dirt is in a 21 foot by 67 foot by 99 foot by 23 foot hole? (No calculators!)
  • 9
    A black dog was sleeping in the middle of a road. A black car was driving in the same lane the dog was sleeping in. The black car had no headlights and the street lights were broken. But the car's driver stopped right before he hit the dog. How did the driver know the dog was there?
  • 10
    There are 16 grapes on a tree. Tim took 12. How many grapes are left?

  • 11
    If you're going 55 mph, how many mph are you going?

Comments (18)


1393 days ago
The birds would be electrified if they are sitting on a electric wire before the hunter even shot one! And they can't fly away cause they would be dead already if the voltage was high enough so please specify if the voltage is more than a 4 in other words powerful enough to kill a small animal!
1492 days ago
D---m I missed two, and I thought I was smart LOL
1552 days ago
this was so fun im gonna make one just like it
1563 days ago
I got 9 I'm pretty proud of myself
1713 days ago
so very bsic another pl3ase.....haha ang tnga
1888 days ago
I like these iq questions
1995 days ago
I liked the birds one (and got it wrong). The comments 'all the birds will fly up' are void, since it is possible to shoot more than one bird with one shot in several different ways.

Lions do not have to be dead if they do not eat for 3 months. There are other ways to keep animals alive. If the lions only drank blood for 3 months they would be in pretty good health. And probably hungry. IV is another possibility.

It is not common practice to have to assume that the statement in the question is incorrect. The question clearly states that the pea💋laid the egg. If one part of a question is incorrect, it invalidates the whole question. Farmer Benny's IQ tests? Who else gives a star if it is called 'peahen' or 'peacock'? But Wikipedia says "The term pea💋is properly reserved for the male; the female is known as a peahen", and that the species is called "Peafowl". There you go...

Question about 55 mph - yes it varies, as it is not possible in any way, in real life, to drive at an exact speed (let's not even go Heisenberg here, as it is not even possible in classical physics). But question clearly states 55 mph. Apply rule consequently.

"None. Grapes don't grow on trees". Who said anything about the grapes having to grow on the tree? Benny? What if the vine was growing in the tree? What if someone just put the grapes 'on' the tree? What if there is a kind of grapes that grow into small trees? Or some other grape like fruit that is also called 'grapes' that grows on trees?
2012 days ago
It was so happy and excited
2261 days ago
The answer of Q1 is really quizzical becuase all the birds will fly up if we will shot any one of them
2428 days ago
Nice questions but slowly hard
2428 days ago
Nice questions,but slowly hard
2471 days ago
All the questions were loveable & easy but tricky....
2561 days ago
Given questions are very tricky , but not difficult for an smart indian .
2576 days ago
really nice iq questions
2631 days ago
Really nice questions
2664 days ago
Q1 is illogical as the birds will fly away if we shot a gun!! NONSENSE
2711 days ago
above question r good
2722 days ago
It is praiseworthy page &too much students can learn ok iq based ques