The Common Sense Test

Of course, we know you're very smart! But how is your common sense? As you dive into my quiz, eager to prove your common sense, don't answer too quickly. Slow down and realize there are some twists, and think about your answers in common sense terms.

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    What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
    What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

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25 days ago
why is everyone 12 im 13 lol
69 days ago
guys yes the tenth word is the it has an e but its talking about the words afterward. do you not read??
75 days ago
the answer for number 4 is that there is no use of the letter "e". but the last letter on the first line IS an "e"
268 days ago
The 10th word 'the' has the letter E
446 days ago
Like do you guys really think you have the IQ of Einstein?
446 days ago
This isn’t even common sense lol. It’s just riddles. Like what clothing does a house wear😂 I still got 10/10 though, lol
468 days ago
10/10 wow I am just 12
mmmm I'm hungry!!!!
502 days ago
I got them all right 10/10! But i think ''Smart''got all them wrong! He write two coments and they were the same!
502 days ago
I think you should change some of the riddles!
566 days ago
More like riddles than common sense
586 days ago

I got them all right... I'm 12
596 days ago
There actually is use of the letter "e"
601 days ago
There is the use of the letter e in Question 4. It's in the first line.
602 days ago
so I'm 10 and got the common sense IQ 125-140! Is that good or bad?
819 days ago
NOT ACCURATE! Number 4 does have the letter 'e'... In the word 'the' on only the second line!!!
820 days ago
10/10 yay!!! I am 11
883 days ago
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I am just da QUEEEEN of KEEN!
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910 days ago
933 days ago
I got 180 iq! No wonder I get straight A's! Except for in math😑
1170 days ago
or dude btw not just dudesses