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Will you be a good FBI agent?

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This test probably isn't accurate, but I'm trying my best! These are riddles for you to see if you would be a good FBI agent or detective.

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    What always runs, but never walks. Has a mouth, but never talks. Has a bed, but doesn't sleep?
  • 2
    How many months have 5 days?
  • 3
    If there are 5 apples and you take 2, how many apples do you have?

  • 4
    A cowboy rode to town on Friday. 2 days later, the cowboy rode to town on Friday again.. How is this possible?
  • 5
    What kind of coat can be put on only if it's wet?
  • 6
    What is black, white, and read all over?

  • 7
    What breaks when you say it?
  • 8
    You are getting good at this! We are gonna get harder, though. How many seconds are in a year?
  • 9
    You are driving a bus. There are no passengers right now. A second later, 10 people get on. On the first stop, 5 people get off, and 2 get on. On the 2nd stop, 5 get off, and 15 get on. On the last stop, 1 gets on. How many people are on the bus? Do not use a calculator, since that is cheating.
  • 10
    You are running in a race. You pass the person in 2nd place. What place are you in?

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