Trickery Quiz!

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Answer questions to get through. But BEWARE! This test is full of trick questions.

  • 1
    Anna kicked a ball in one direction. It moved 10 meters. Then it came back again. Which direction did Anna kick the ball?
  • 2
    I live in a one-storey home. My kitchen is pink, my bathroom is blue, my bedroom is red, what colour are my stairs?
  • 3
    You are a bus driver. 10 people get off, 7 people get on who want to go for a sightseeing tour. Another 8 people get on. 2 people get off. And now for the question. What is the drivers age?

  • 4
    Most months have 31 days. How many of them have 28 days?
  • 5
    Bob’s mum has 4 children. May, June, July and... Who is the 4th child
  • 6
    What goes up but never comes down?

  • 7
    You have 2p stamps. How many make a dozen
  • 8
    A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 die. How many does he have left?
  • 9
    You are running a race. You pass the person in 2nd. What place are you in now?
  • 10
    Which country is on two continents?

  • 11
    A shirt has 3 buttons and a pocket. How many holes does it have?
  • 12
    Where does the general keep his armies

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