What job suits you?
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What job suits you?

Disclaimer; this test is not scientifically correct in any way and all results are generated by a computer so it'll probably blow up.

Question 1:Do you obey authority?

Question 2:Is your family rich?
Well, not really.
Yes, of COURSE darling.

Question 3:Are you great with kids?
Nah, I don't really like 'em that much.
Excellent actually.
Never really thought about them...

Question 4:Would you cope working in the same field for AGES?
Yeah, I'm committed.
Yes, that's what a degree is for after all.
Oh, no way. I like to be moved up in my job.

Question 5:Do you swear?
All the freakin' time.
What has this to do with the test?
Only around Adults.

Question 6:Are you a gossip?
Totally! Oh yeah, you know John, supposedly married to Rita, he's gone and...
Occasionally- it does help with stressful situations.
I'm too busy to gossip.

Question 7:Are you/were you top of the class (or even year) at high school?
Yes, I'm really smart.
I was average, but cute.

Question 8:How do you act around the boss?
I act formal but hate them really. They don't pay me enough!!!
I am the boss!
I wrap them round my little finger but slag 'em off behind their back...

Question 9:What do you look for in a job?
Rewarding hard work.
Fun with the gang.

Question 10:Finally, have you ever got in trouble with the law?
A speeding ticket but that was ages ago.
Yeah, fraud, car tickets...

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