Could You Be A Detective? Quiz

Uh-oh, someone has been murdered! There are several suspicious-seeming people around, but who actually did the dastardly deed?

If anyone could find out, it's you! Or is it? Do you have what it takes to take on the big mysteries and solve them? Take my test and find out!

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    You were just assigned to solve a murder. Your reaction?
    You were just assigned to solve a murder. Your reaction?

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66 days ago
i got it correct. i feel it was obvious the ife ad butker didnt do it becaudewhy would the butler cove rfor the wife by saying her hair was wet if he didnt do it. the maidd was with the cook and i feel lik if th maid slipped out and thn he was suddenly dead we would hav eknown it was her from the dtart.. andit was after breakfast so its kinda obvious he wss poisoned. tinothy didnt do it ebcause at the bbeghining it said there were no found wounds and h ehad a knife.
321 days ago
I knew it , It was the cook , it had to be poison
322 days ago
I think it was the maid that is the only way he could have died without any injury.
413 days ago
I knew who it was, I got it!
507 days ago
I love mysteries! I got 100% correct, which I guess I expected, because I have read SO MANY mystery novels and blah blah blah. I love this type of quiz.
But the explanations about why the suspects would've done it gave it away. But otherwise, a good quiz!
678 days ago
I got 100% correct! YAY
689 days ago
It was actually the cook who poisoned Dan Grant with the bottle of blue poison. The wife is safe because she did took a shower. Her hair was wet. The son had a knife. But since there are no wounds or blood, so the son did not use the knife and stab him. Also, the son went to the pool and swim. His goggles were there. The maid's broom and rag were in the kitchen, which means she did clean the kitchen. The cook was the culprit as she said she was giving Timothy a snack but he was swimming at that time. Also, the butler went to look for Dan, not going to the kitchen. Therefore, it could only be the COOK!!!
720 days ago
Man that was easy are there any harder ones ?that's really exciting i'm looking forward for more 😌😌😌
721 days ago
721 days ago
just about to start this quiz with the rest of!
759 days ago
This was pretty interesting and watching Riverdale actually came in handy
784 days ago
He was poisoned, probably arsenic if he drank something as arsenic is a powder and is easy to slip into someones drink... Your welcome :)
818 days ago
Hi I’m really want to know what’s my personality
826 days ago
Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the butler say that he ran upstairs to get the son? Then, the maid said that she went to the pool to get the son, I’m probably wrong, but I thought that’s what it said
833 days ago
he was strangled to death
857 days ago
Oh wow. First time I said it was da wife. Jeesh I'm so dumb
934 days ago
(This was very easy!!
983 days ago
I must thank my detective series and books. Haha! This was fun! I was a bit nervous at first as I've only done detective riddles before. Turns out this was not that hard! I will not say the perp's name but I don't understand why she/he did it?
1045 days ago
This is not very accurate. Why was there only 4 suspects was it because, there was no forced entry. You could have gotten the murder with checking there alibis. Also there would have been security cameras inside the house who has a maid but no security cameras they where obviously rich.
1062 days ago
These are the worst questions I’ve ever seen with no proper answers, this is good if your a kid who hasn’t hit puberty yet who thinks he’s slick because he watched tin tin the movie