What type of spy are you?
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What type of spy are you?

Have you ever thought of becoming a spy? Or wondered what would you be when you ARE one?

Question 1:Your favourite gadget is
Invisibility booster-makes you invisible for about 15 minutes only
Lie detector- you will know whether the person/suspect is lying.
Rocket shoes-Enables you to fly

Question 2:There is a bombed that has to be defused
You cut the red wire. You're sure that's the right one
You panic and call the police and leave it to them to handle the situation
You stay calm and analyze everything before doing anything even though time is running

Question 3:Before going to class, you
rush off to find your friends and discuss about the last mission
doll yourself for three hours
rush off to find your friends and discuss about the upcoming mission

Question 4:You are caught in a mission
You just think of a way to escape but at the same time you obey the bad guys instructions
You call for help.
You don't think twice and just *kick some butts*

Question 5:When you're in class, a teacher is teaching you the most boring subject in the world
Thinking of how to play a trick on the teacher and make funny names for the teacher
You try your best to concentrate on the subject then realise that its too boring to understand
Talk about crushes with your friends

Question 6:You are on mission, one of the suspect is your brother/sister. What would you feel?
Uh oh. What have he/she done?
I'm a spy. . . . . . a good spy makes nobody connection
My brother/sister?It can't be!. According to the analysis. . . .

Question 7:Would you give up the job of being a spy if you have to be separated from your family and only visit them twice every three months?
umm, , , ,
no, no, I'll go on with the job

Question 8:If you were a spy, would you rather
work on a mission alone
work on a mission as team of three-four
work on a mission with a partner

Question 9:Before going to bed, you
You organise your things for the following day
You call your best friend one last time
Your brush your hair as well as singing your favourite song and go to dreamland-dreaming that you're the top spy ever

Question 10:Ok, now it's the last question, why did you do this test?
for fun
er, I just want to know what type of spy I am, duh!
what a silly question!

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