What Secret Agent are you?
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What Secret Agent are you?

Out of James Bond, Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne, which one of them are you?

Question 1:If some men are chasing you, what do you do?
Get in the closest BMW, and out drive them
Have a huge shootout with them
Run into the US Embassy and let the US Marines at the door take care of them

Question 2:You run across a woman who is pretty, what do you do?
Kiss her
Ask her, 'Are you the one?'
Offer to pay her 10,000 US Dollars to take you to Paris

Question 3:You go to your house, what is it like?
A small London Apartment, you live alone.
Big. you need if with your 3 wifes.
Large penthouse like, but it is useless because you are always running

Question 4:What would you find in your safety deposit box?
6 Fake Passports and 7,000,000 Euros
A cell phone
A new pistol and some cash

Question 5:What kind of car do you drive?
A old Mini Cooper, with a lady behind the wheel
A BMW Z4, outfitted with rockets
A Ferrari, with car phone

Question 6:What is your greatest weapon?
My pistol
My mind
My team, sitting in a safehouse just 5 blocks away

Question 7:What is your typical mission?
Find a lady
Some doctor has a rocket that can blow up the world. Stop him

Question 8:What do you look like?
Tall, black hair, lots of British charm
Medium height, crew cut, lots of muscles, but bullet holes in your back

Question 9:What other things do you like to do in your free time?
Steal famous paintings, for a lady friend of mine
Steal 150 million dollars from 3 Vegas casinos, all at the same time
Be a bartender

Question 10:What would your happy ending be?
Killing a bad doctor, with a widdy line, then having wine with a lady
Sitting in a park in Sydney
Enjoying a life in hidding at a motorcyle shop in Mexico

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