Do You have a Sense of Humor?

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    Your uncle Frank just made a parody of you. It is really funny. How do you handle it?
  • 2
    Your friends decide to dress you up as a drag queen and then put you out in public park while you sleep. You wake up to find people staring at you. You...
  • 3
    Your brother decides to tickle torture you. You...

  • 4
    You are walking when your father the prankster yanks down your pants in front of your boy/girlfriend. You...
  • 5
    You let off a nasty fart. You...
  • 6
    Your pastor decides it would be funny to make you belly dance for the church. You...

  • 7
    Your friend signed up for you to spend the day with Ronald McDonald. So now you have to do everything with Ronald McDonald. You...
  • 8
    You need to be at work at 8:00 am. You set your clock for 6:00 am. You however wake up at 9:00 am because your sister thought it would be funny. You...
  • 9
    Your friends steal your gym clothes while you are taking a shower. You...
  • 10
    Santa is going to take over the world!

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126 days ago
How is being late to your job because of an immature prank funny? Or your parent pulling down your pants? And since when are farts funny? Americans surely have a strange sense of humor
156 days ago
I have 40% sense of humor
158 days ago
Binbingboingboing I am comedy
177 days ago
This is very true
237 days ago
Do You have a Sense of Humor?
For 40% you are: You have a sense of humor, but you do let others know when it goes too far.
23% of 40739 quiz participants had this profile!

alright they got me on that one.
240 days ago
For 60โ€ข/โ€ข you have no sense of humour

I'm not being funny or anything'm one of the most entertaining people at my school but that's probably bc I'm so naughty and stupid.๐Ÿ˜ teehee
253 days ago
ive got fifty percent humour lmao, but some of the stuff that happened was disturbing!
259 days ago
don't mess with me i'm a big girl now and i'm very scary i punch my walls stay out at night and i do cerote don't message me cause i wont reply ima make you cry
259 days ago
oh no ๐Ÿคฏ for 50% You have no sense of humor.
263 days ago
I have an uncle named Franky and why tf is this quiz existing at this point? And uh-uh there ain't going to be any tickle- torturing here
This is disturbing as heck
263 days ago
Idc if I am funny or not
People only want beauty and I'm ugly
634 days ago
This was a fun test.
707 days ago
These questions were verryyy in appropriate, Father pulling down pants and the pastor having you belly dance for the church?! I know itโ€™s just supposed to be a fun quiz and all but those are very disturbing things.
725 days ago
60% sense of humor ohki i can believe that but i just luv laughing for no reason
763 days ago
I got 50% sense of humor. i guess that makes sense, i love jokes but they're not funny if taken too far
778 days ago
No sense of humor hMmM?
816 days ago
100% better than the best yayyyyy #fungirl# champion
950 days ago
bleh bleh bleh
1019 days ago
1058 days ago
I am the class clown