Are You A British Wannabe
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Are You A British Wannabe

Find out how much of an Anglophile you are!

Question 1:Do you long to get marry a Brit and live in England?
Question 2:Are your favorite television show mostly British comedies?
Question 3:Do you buy cable box just to get BBCAmerica?
Question 4:Do you drink tea daily?
Question 5:Do you ever sneak the phrase "bloody hell", 'Bob's your uncle", or "I fancy that" to feel British?
Question 6:Do ever have you eyes glued to the t.v. when some British come on the news?
Question 7:Does history make you so angry since the U.S. couldn't be apart of England?
Question 8:Do you go into British chat rooms to talk about England?
Question 9:Do you read about British news alot?
Question 10:Is your significant other British?
Question 11:Do you wish you could meet the Queen of England
Question 12:Do you think Mr. Blair/Mrs. Blair is a looker?
Question 13:do you think about England while your sleeping , working and eating?
Question 14:Does your family think you are overly obsessed about England?
Question 15:Have to bought a plane ticket to go to England?

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