Are you a loyal American?
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Are you a loyal American?

The Department of Homeland Insecurity of the United Paranoid State of America would like to know if you are a terrorist. If you fail this quiz, you must turn yourself in. (I screwed up the scoring on the first one..)

Question 1:My religion is:
fundamentalist christian, awaiting the rapture!
christian, with a major in business.
not christian, but considering converting.
none of the government's business.

Question 2:I fly the American flag:
on both sides of my SUV.
in front of my company headquarters.
on holidays.
.... I burn the American flag.

Question 3:My greatest fear is:
Islamic fundamentalists.
the IRS or a dip in my stock value.
the Republican Party.

Question 4:Every American deserves to:
pray for forgiveness from their sins.
Inherit all their family's wealth free of taxes.
party hearty!
have equal rights, regardless of religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Question 5:My money is:
spent supporting Christian groups.
in oil and defense stocks.
spent on rent.
almost gone..

Question 6:My motto on foreign policy is:
Get them before they pose a threat to us!
Through subterfuge and bribery, and any means necessary, install a puppet government so we can drain their resources.
Bomb 'em if they mess with us!
War is not the answer.

Question 7:George W. is?
a great president!
taking soft money from my cooperation.
a moronic fascist!

Question 8:Should the government be allowed to implant computer chips into Americans?
Yes! Only pinko commie pagans wouldn't agree with that!
Yes; thieves won't steal my identity and use my credit cards.
Yes, it would be easier to identify the remains of anyone killed in a terrorist attack.
Fuck no!

Question 9:Patriotism is:
loving your country's leaders, whether they be right or wrong!
necessary to keep the lower classes controlled.
being used to blind and brainwash the masses into servility!

Question 10:I would be proud to serve my president:
by praying for him each night.
by accepting a multi-billion dollar contract to rebuild any country he wants to bomb.
by joining the army.
a subpoena to appear in court.

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