How Canadian are you…eh?
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How Canadian are you…eh?

Did you ever wonder how nice…umm I mean Canadian you are? Take this quiz to find out, or just to answer some questions…whichever…

Question 1:   I see all the pretty colours in my neighbourhood, I realize that they are jelly beans and I think “oh my saviours for I am so hungry” and I eat them with honour for the all mighty jelly bean
WHAT? That sentence did not make any sense!
What’s with all the spelling errors? Why is honor spelt as honour?
Canada RULES! The spelling proves it!

Question 2:   Do you live in an igloo?
No, why would I live in an igloo?
No, but I’ve always wanted to visit my Canadian neighbours
Why do you ask? What relevance is there?

Question 3:   Do you like hockey?
Yea hockey is pretty cool....
Yeah, hockey is great or ok and I love the fact that it’s Canadian
What is this Random Question Ville why would hockey matter?

Question 4:   Why are you taking this quiz?
Because I’ve heard of Canada and was curious…
Because it’s a quiz to pass the time with…
Because I am Canadian and so proud that someone will do a quiz for it! Way to go.

Question 5:   You’re walking into a crowded mall and bump into somebody accidentally, you…
Just keep walking and don’t say anything
Stop and apologize politely offer to help them pick up anything that they dropped if they did indeed drop something
Yell obscenities about how they should be careful of where they’re going…

Question 6:   One word: Canuk!
What does that mean? What does that have to do with anything?
Yea! Go Canada! Canuks rule!
Yea I know that’s Canadian… Funny word:)

Question 7:   Is the CN Tower THE Tower to be at?
It’s alright…I guess…
What’s the CN Tower?
YEA! I love it up there!

Question 8:   What do you think of curling?
What’s curling?
Yea curling…I’ve heard of that…never really watched it or anything though…
It’s an ok or great game...but Canada is great!

Question 9:   What do you think of the beaver?
I’ve never actually seen one but I hear they are pretty cute and CANADIAN!
Yea I’ve heard of beavers…they're alright...
What’s a beaver?

Question 10:   So do you actually live in Canada?
Yes and it's great:)
Ummm…uhhhh….where’s Canada?

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