Can You Pass as German?!
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Can You Pass as German?!

Let's see, can you pass or can't you?

Question 1:It is May and you go to the beach, what would you most likely wear?
Gum boots, a scarf and an umbrella!
Jeans, T-shirt, ghetto blaster!
Swim suit!

Question 2:Let's say you are shopping in Hamburg, how would you greet people you are passing?
Grüß Gott!
Guten Tag!
*Not at all!*

Question 3:Which of the following is not a German Beer?
König Pilsener

Question 4:If you swear at people in English, people would most likely...
Swear back at you in German!
Swear back at you in English!
Hit you!
Not understand you, because you are speaking English!
Ignore you!

Question 5:If you are hanging out with a bunch of german teenagers, you would most likely pick up a snack of:
Mc D's
Chips and such

Question 6:If at the Hofbräuhaus in München, it would be lethal to ask the waiter for...
They don't have waiters!

Question 7:German private homes tend not to have...
A mircrowave
A TV-Set
Huge Fridges

Question 8:You work at a company in Germany, it is your birthday. You...
bring munchies for your co-workers.
look forward to them treating you to cake etc.
don't do a thing cause no one knows it's your birthday.
take the day off.

Question 9:You invite people over for 'Kaffee und Kuchen'. What do you serve?
Coffee and goodies from a bakery.
I whip a cake from a cake-mix.
I bake a cake and serve Coffee or Tea.
Soda and Sandwiches
Cookies and Milk.

Question 10:You are eating out at a restaurant.
The waiter will show you to your table.
You take a seat where ever there is on available.
You seat yourself at any free table.
You ask the waiter for a table.

Question 11:You are driving. Autobahn. Left Lane. 180 kmh. Someone speeds up from behind flashing his/her lights at you. You are most likely to...
180 kmh, you must be kidding!
move to the right lane as fast as possible.
Speed up! Faster than me! HUH!
Slow down to spite them!
Ignore them.

Question 12:A 'Handy' is...
*grin* now this is a NC17 answer ;-)
Some kitchen utensil.
A mobile phone.
Dialect for 'someone-good-looking'

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