Your Past Life

Curious to see who you were in a past life? Monarch or slave, Amazon or jester? Take this test and see.

Question 1:If you saw an old woman struggling to get across the street before the light changed and a bus turned her into street pizza, what would you do?
Scoop her into your arms, running and screaming like Xena all the way to the curb.
Order those around you to help her to the curb.
Trip her, take her walker, and laugh with the other sickos when she becomes street pizza.
Pick her up, carry her to the curb, and finish her errands for her while she sips on a latte.

Question 2:Most of your dreams are. . .?
Full of bloody violence towards men.
Full of luxury and wars that make you mourn for your people.
All those clowns that make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose.
Bondage gear that has nothing to do with S&M.

Question 3:Which deadly sin do you identify with?

Question 4:If you were a Godiva chocolate, what kind would you be?
A rich chocolate cream.
An expensive champagne truffle.
A thick and hard to chew caramel.
A gross coconut creme.

Question 5:If you could be any animal, which animal would you be?
A lioness.
A tiger.
A monkey.
An ox.

Question 6:What is your favorite color?
Silver, the same as your sword.
Royal purple, like your velvet robes.
Red, yellow, green, anything else bright and fun.
Brown. Plain, horrid brown.

Question 7:In school you were/are. . .?
Astute out of respect for your teacher.
Answering every question, sucking in the knowledge for future use.
The class clown.
The guy in the corner, twitching because you don't want to be called on.

Question 8:In the last fight you were in you. . .?
Beat the other person within an inch of their life.
Started an orderly war, which you and your people won.
Made jokes until the other person laughed to death.
Begged for mercy.

Question 9:Your eyes are always. . .?
Constantly moving, searching for danger.
On the prize.
Crossed. That joke never gets tired.
Nervous and bloodshot.

Question 10:Your favorite kind of novel character is usually. . .?
Strong, smart, and feminine.
Proud, charismatic, and a born leader.
Funny as hell.
Quiet, shy and willing to do others bidding.

This Quiz has been designed by Mina .