How much of a tool are you?
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How much of a tool are you?

People may often accuse you of being a complete and total tool, and you never really can respond....Well now you can!!!You can print the results of this quiz and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are wrong....or admit they are right.And then hit them.Hard.

Question 1:An easy one first up...someone calls you a nasty name, what do you do?
Ignore it, its only words
Respond by mocking a disfigurement or problem that they may have had..its nasty but they won't do it again...
Smash a heavy glass ashtray over their heads, spill their pint DELIBERATELY, then try and sleep with their girlfriend (or boyfriend if they are female or plain wrong)

Question 2:Someone is criticising you for a job you know you are doing well do you.....?
Ignore them, they are only jealous
Key their fucking car...the twats
Spread rumours concerning their ethnic origin and sexuality, and spray paint PEODOPHILE on their front door and giggle when they are lynched by rabid news of the world readers

Question 3:Someone has a better car than you???
Admire it, fuck it its a car
Spend hours researching negative points about their car and then point them out incessantly
Kill their pets, stuff them under the windshield wipers and change the reg plate to M Kelly 1

Question 4:Someone blanks you for some reason do you.....?
ask them why when the opportunity arises
Never speak to them again.That'll teach the cunts
Chase after them and beat them down, screaming "SELL CRACK TO A 5 YEAR OLD KID WOULD YA!!!!!"

Question 5:Andrew WK is...?

Question 6:A gay guy or girl comes on to you do you....?
Politely inform them that you don’t swing that way
A mouths a mouth............
Destroy them...but get aroused by doing so.....

Question 7:Someone spills your drink...there was only a bit left, do you.....?
Think was an accident.....
Demand very aggressively that they buy you another..
Use the glass to sever their jugular and get shitfaced on the contents of their wallet..

Question 8:Someone beats you at pool do you.....?
Shake their hand.Good game
Be in an arse for the rest of the week, and swear you will thrash them next time
Accuse them of cheating and being gay or black, or worse still...both.Then break a cue over their melon fucking head

Question 9:You got to see a band that aren’t very good do you.....?
Forget about it....
Tell them, and every one else how shit they between songs and at the top of your voice
Drop your trousers and shit at the front of the stage, and then shout "that’s what you are"

Question 10:You buy a round of drinks and a friend turns up late do you......?
Buy them a drink..its only fair if they are expected to do the same
Fuck them they are late...they better buy me one.....
Sweep all drinks off the table, accuse them of ruining the night and insist that they pay all night..or you kick their fucking teeth in....

This Quiz has been designed by DJ Ants.