What Utensil Are You?
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What Utensil Are You?

Have you ever sat at the dinner table wondering what utensil you would be? Has that question burned a hole deep in your heart, and are you just dying to know? Then stop reading the stupid intro, and just take the test!

Question 1:Pick an old song:
I Will Survive
Tainted Love
Hey Mickey

Question 2:Sooo... what do you look like naked?
I'm an ovalish shape...
I'm sorta pointy...
I am straight and I have a sharp head...

Question 3:You wake up on a school morning. What is the next immediate thing to happen?
I go get in the shower. Then get dressed. Then go to school....
I happily open my eyes, go get my toothbrush, hairbrush, and towel and bounce into the shower.
I get up and throw the friggen alarm out the window, then crawl back into bed and almost miss my bus.

Question 4:What are you most likely to say to your best friend (of the opposite sex)?
I want to run around naked....
So, wasn't that math test fun?
Teehee... Do you have any ice cream? I like ice cream *laughs*

Question 5:What sounds the most appealing?
Cute little kitties...

Question 6:Were you drunk at the dance??
Please, try to explain to me why I would go to a dance. If I was at a dance then I probably was drunk because dances are for retards.
Not on purpose... Someone spiked the punch. But DEAR GOD was it fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh rar. I am horny.....
No... *laughs* I'm always like this. I just love all you people, you are all so nice and so cute and OH MY GOD THE PUPPY IS DEAD!!!!!! Oh wait, it's just sleeping. *heehee*

*looks down* Heh heh heh.... that's a good one...
I don't have a monkey, and I don't care to get one.
I like monkeys. They are just so sweet and they look so cuddly.

Question 8:Word association: BROWN=
A damn color.
F*cking retarded math teacher.
Chocolate chip cookies!

Question 9:So... what's your favorite food?
I like vegetables. And meatloaf.
I like pudding. I really like pudding. I really really really like pudding....
I like pasta... And things I have to twirl. It's fun!

Question 10:Any last words?
Is that the ice cream man? *runs* Oh yeah, bye!!! *kisses*
I hope you rot in hell...

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