Are the lamps coming to get you?
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Are the lamps coming to get you?

The lamps are coming. Are you safe? Or will you be another victim......

Question 1:Lamps can sense fear. How easily scared are you?
What is this 'fear'?
I get scared by the sound of my own heartbeat
I have this dream about a cabbage, but otherwise, I'm fine
Snakes, spiders, birds, they all freak me out
I reckon I could control my phobias

Question 2:Lamps take 120W bulbs, what turns you on?
Jumping from a cliff only wearing one rope YEEHAAHH!
History textbooks
Internet porn
Brian Turner

Question 3:Know your enemy. If a lamp attacks you, what do you do?
Wrap its power cord round your arm, grab the stand and beat it against a wall till it dies.
Take it on, but go for the bulb
Deliver it a sharp kick and head for the exit
Scream like a girl and jump onto a chair

Question 4:Squirrels are allies of the lamps, what do you think of squirrels?
fuzzy whittle cuties
Not much really - it's a squirrel
evil - conniving little bastards, who have cocktail parties in the trees
finger-lickin' good

Question 5:Can you fly a plane/drive a car/float my boat? It will be necessary in the resistance against the lamps.
Of course. I don't do anything else except killing lamps
Yeah, but not well
No. I don't like things that move without eating grass
No. I don't need to

Question 6:Who is your favourite cartoon character? We are trying to recruit them in our battle against the lamps.
Nigel Thornberry
I don't like cartoons
Dr. X

Question 7:Will you be prepared to eat bugs? Food may become scarce after the invasion.
Hell no.
If I HAD to.
I do anyway. Mmmm..cockroach
Bugs Bunny? But he's so cute

Question 8:Lamps watch Boobah. Do you?
I had a hallucination like that one time, and it was TOO MUCH!
It's a bit too fucked up for me!
All the time, I own all the videos. I love you Boobah!
Yes, well I can!
Die Boobah, Die!

Question 9:Can you smell lamps? Can you smell lamps approaching?
Yeah, probably
I find they smell like turnips. Disgusting. I can sense the damn things
Lamps don't smell
No, I've lost my sense of smell.
Maybe, but only if I got close enough

Question 10:Will you join us in the fight against the lamps?
So, rice eh?
I'd rather stay at home.
Hell yeah

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